The 1800 Pack Rat Customer Experience

The 1800 Pack Rat Customer Experience

In the fast pace world of technology, it is often nice to be able to take a moment and check in with our customers to see the immediate impact of moving to the cloud and how Five9 supported them throughout the process. 

1800 Pack Rat was looking to innovate their business by moving to the cloud with their contact center to improve both the agent and customer experience.  With multiple business units handling very different lines of business, both commercial and residential, they needed a way to be able to delineate, empower their agents, and still provide excellent response times to their customers.  

Simple right?  But they also needed to merge a couple of their business units, accommodate for the seasonality of their business with quick training of new agents, and also integrate into their existing applications, such as Salesforce.  

So often times the best laid plans never go as planned and this was the case with what happened next.   An unexpected tech issue came up and 1800 Pack Rat had to do the cutover from the old to new contact center immediately – meaning the majority of their agents made this transition almost a month before it was previously scheduled.   Without missing a beat, Five9 jumped in and was able to create a training video for 1800 Pack Rat’s agents on the new cloud contact center platform and facilitated a smooth transition.

  • Agents immediately trained and went live on system quicker than planned
  • Merged several business units
  • Reduced abandoned rates (over 14%)
  • Seasonality and volume of calls with new agents handled
  • Integration into their business applications (Salesforce)
  • Turning a customer experience into customer loyalty and trust!

Coming soon, we will do a deeper dive into all the metrics around this experience and also how going to the cloud helped 1800 Pack Rat, but we thought we just share gratitude and a little bit of the story of one of our great customers!

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