The ‘Business Is Unusual’ Reality

The ‘Business Is Unusual’ Reality

In the past two weeks, "business as usual" has changed dramatically. In reality, it is "business is unusual." Yet, business continuity within the customer service segment is more critical than ever before. 

Many contact center managers have never had their agents work remotely. And now, they face the daunting task of helping their employees create a workspace within their homes. The ability to have agents quickly set up in a conducive work for home experience is critical. Your agents need to feel safe in this time of uncertainty while working to keep your customers happy.

Five9 offers some tricks and tips on how your agents can set up an efficient space that will be both comfortable and productive.


Adjustable Desk

The odds are that a desk will be your agent's primary work area. An adjustable desk is a great way to make sure that your agents are not sitting all day and are taking care of themselves. 

Office Chair

An ergonomic office chair is essential to a proper home office set up. It is critical to have a chair that supports an agent's body shape and evokes the correct posture. The overall comfort of an agent's office will increase productivity.

High-Speed Internet Access

A slow Internet connection is not only frustrating, but it will also hinder an agent's productivity. Having high-speed internet access into the home will allow them to work efficiently and not become distracted by a lag. In some cases, an increase in speed is as simple as calling their internet provider and upgrading their plan.

Network Router

Today’s connected home includes smart TVs, mobile devices, and laptops, it is critical to outfit any agent's home office with a network router. The router will allow them to manage the demand and ensure that they have priority access to bandwidth do deliver outstanding customer experiences.

Surge Protector

Protect your agent's equipment. Believe it or not, The National Institute of Standards and Technology reports that regardless of where your agents live, their house will experience power surges. Power surges are the most destructive kind of electrical power disturbance that can damage the integrity of the agent's computer and its components.



Having your agents set up a self-contained office space is essential productivity. An office in a separate room or area of the home, preferably with a door they can close for privacy, provides a space they can dub 'work.' 

Natural Lighting

Be sure that your agents have access to natural lighting in their space. A great way of doing this is to suggest they work by a window. Studies show that natural light exposure has a wide range of benefits, including increased productivity, better sleep, better moods, and a healthier immune system.


Studies have shown that employees are 15% more productive when their workplaces have a few houseplants. With all the technology your agents require, suggest bringing in a bit of Nature to provide some balance. This will keep them psychologically engaged and promote happiness, which will result in better work.

Tidy Workspace

A survey conducted by Office Max reports that the clutter in a home office can undermine both productivity and motivation. Make sure your agent's workspace is not too crowded by suggesting an efficient system for organizing their work-related items. 

Working from a home office can be an adjustment for your agents. Yet, by suggesting these simple tips, you can help make your agents feel comfortable and empowered every day.  If you are interested in learning how to support your contact center agents remotely, please reach out to learn how Five9 can help your WFH needs. To learn about our FastTrack Deployment Program, click here.

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