The Five9 Features Streamlining the Insurance Industry

The Five9 Features Streamlining the Insurance Industry

I was catching up with a buddy of mine the other day. When I asked him how he was doing, I expected a simple “I’m good. How are you?” Instead, he went into a long-winded description of how he spent his weekend sitting on hold with his insurance company, getting bounced back and forth between departments while trying to explain a simple problem. By Monday morning, he switched his health insurance carrier.

I asked him, “What would’ve made your call-in experience better?” He wanted a quick solution; to arrive at the right agent without going through unnecessary steps. As a father of two young children and full-time exec, I totally understood his frustration when he said that he didn’t have time to call in during regular 9-5 business hours. I commiserated with him, “I’ve had similar experiences in the past until I found insurance companies that are really looking to the future of what customer service can be.”

According to McKinsey, “75% of Americans have changed brands during the pandemic.” One of the most common reasons: customer service issues. Especially for insurance providers, customers are seeking answers when dealing with urgent issues. What they really want is a quick resolution to their problem and a sympathetic ear on the other end. The most successful companies are rapidly adjusting to our new normal; offering tools and technology to provide an improved, natural-language experience.

Highly intelligent virtual assistance is transforming the contact center industry. Five9 is the leading supplier of cloud contact center software. Our reliable, easy end-to-end solution improves productivity and customer experience in any company. Insurance providers already on the Five9 platform are more than equipped to handle customer service issues with key support from our intelligent software.

Here’s why:

Reliability & Privacy

Insurance companies handle millions of calls per year. Down time translates to loss of profits and customer dissatisfaction. Five9 software is flexible to your company’s needs. Whether during business emergencies (or ahem…global pandemics), Five9 can have hundreds of agents at the ready in a matter of days while protecting your customers’ private information under global guidelines and regulations.

Empower Your Agents

One of the biggest challenges for call centers is increasing efficiency while supporting agents and improving the customer service experience. Five9’s cloud advantage provides agents with a unified solution; easy access to customer information and interactions to cut hold times and allow agents to immediately focus on customer concerns. Additionally, the Five9 Intelligent Virtual Assistant allows customers to interact with natural-language AI, take advantage of self-service solutions, and find the right agent for every caller.

It’s Not “One Size Fits All”

Advancements in digital engagement have proven that when it comes to customer interaction, it’s not “one size fits all.” With such a diverse base of customers, communication flexibility is key for insurance agencies. The cloud contact center enables a wide variety of digital engagement options so your customers can seek out help when they want it, where they want it, on their preferred platform. By offering support across multiple interaction channels, companies supported by Five9 have found higher levels of customer satisfaction and complaint resolution.

A positive customer experience can make all the difference in the world. Five9 has made strides in artificial intelligence technology to ensure that your top agents are fully supported in a work-from-home environment while your customers enjoy a positive and efficient service experience.

Reach out to me and together, let’s transform your contact center.

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