The Five9 Services Experience

The Five9 Services Experience

Everyone knows the quote from Marc Andreessen - "Software is eating the world.”  For me, It quickly connected the dots on what was happening in the technology world.

You could say, "poor customer experience is eating your customers.”  There is no doubt we are in the "customer experience" era.  Customers now have leverage in choosing which brands and companies they will spend their money with.  Companies who deliver amazing experiences are eating market share from companies who are resting on their laurels, thinking customers are locked into them, and differentiating on things like price.  Some have termed this the "switching economy.”  There is $1.6 trillion up for grabs, and its winner take all, or at least take most.

Five9 is at the epicenter of this transition.  Our job is to enable our customers to deliver great experiences to their customers.  With great power, comes great responsibility.  This is a core value of our company.  Everything we do is to help your customers love you.

There are two sides to this equation from a Five9 perspective.  First, we have to deliver a great product and  ours has been named a leader in the Gartner MQ and Forrester Wave.  Secondly, we are noted by industry analysts for our go-to-market execution. From our sales engagement, to our solutions consulting, and ultimately where its make or break for our customers: our services team.

I like to say our professional services team is responsible for breathing life into your Five9 experience, and our customer service team is responsible for growing and maturing your experience.  Continually optimizing your experience, and accelerating value.  We call this the "Five9 Services Experience.”

There is a lot of pressure leading the Services business at a CX company, but it’s made easier by having an army of experience behind me.  We have over 400 seasoned, contact center services professionals in the Five9 family.  Every services company in the world has a "methodology," but what sets us apart from the competition is our commitment to our customers, at all cost. 

Having been in the services business my entire career, I've seen many companies who are so focused on the bottom line that they forget that the most important thing - deriving value out of our SaaS software.  There is a cost to a high touch experience, and we gladly invest more into this space than anyone I've seen in the market.

If you don't want your customers to get eaten, when thinking about which CX company you entrust to protect your brand, focus on how they deliver the service to you and continually optimize your solution 24x7x365.

Look for another blog from me soon on why we are looking for partners who share our values and focus on delivering a great services experience as well!

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