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The Horrors of Bad Customer Service and How to Avoid It

This time of year, it’s not uncommon to see witches, goblins, monsters and an excess of cobwebs in neighborhoods that usually seem so inviting. As children prepare their costumes for Halloween and salivate at the thought of all the candy they will bring home, many parents stay weary of one monster looming.

In the blink of an eye, October 31st will pass and all the stores will be filled with candy canes, sugar plums and holiday deals. As the largest shopping season kicks off, many people fear the one thing holiday shoppers hate the most: bad customer service.

It’s no surprise that bad customer service can make even the most understanding customer run for the hills. To avoid the horrors of bad customer service, below we are sharing our tips for empowering agents to provide great customer service.

Prepare Agents to Deal with Difficult Customers

It’s no surprise that negative experiences tend to leave more lasting impressions on customers. A frustrated customer and an ill prepared agent can quickly make a bad situation even worse.

In the darkest of times, the most important thing an agent can do is remain calm and efficiently handle the situation. The customer should always feel that they are right, even if they aren’t. It is best to apologize for their inconvenience, provide a solution to the problem and reach out to a supervisor to see if there’s anything else that can be done to resolve the issue.

Create a Sense of Community

When you are dealing with challenging situations, no one wants to feel like they are going at it alone. A strong sense of community not only strengthens the team as a whole, but also allows agents to bear the burden of stress together. Being close with coworkers makes it easier to lean on them when in need, learn from each other’s experiences and fosters a sense of unity within the company.

Brighten up the Office Space

Organizations understand the importance of having happy people at the forefront of their business. Decorating your office space with motivational quotes, bright posters or even a few plants can create a vibrant atmosphere and help reduce agent stress. Or, consider adding a community room to your office space where employees can hold monthly or quarterly events to encourage bonding with coworkers. 

Encourage Personal Growth

Inspired agents are more productive than agents who dread coming to work. Ask agents what their professional interests are, and teach them how to apply those interests to their current role. Helping agents make progress towards their career aspirations helps agents feel empowered and want to improve their skillsets.


What are your tips for empowering contact center agents?

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