The Transformation of the Next Generation Business Process Outsourcer

The Transformation of the Next Generation Business Process Outsourcer

Recently, I was presenting to a large business process outsourcer (BPO) and during the conversations we were talking about a few items to help grow their business and improve customer experience while making their agents more intelligent to drive better agent and customer behavior. 

As the discussion grew more intense, the prospect mentioned that a portion of their business is focused on healthcare – specifically, patient uptake utilizing at home agents.  Wow! Amazing! You can’t just plop any old agent in a seat and throw a computer in-front of them… Can you?!?! No way… These are highly skilled agents. So, thoughts were going through my mind: How do they retain top talent? How do those agents offer an empathetic experience to their patients that are calling in?

The conversation turned to the important topic of how is the patient’s experience and how do the agents react quickly – while reducing handle time, enhancing the customer experience and lessening post call work. These agents have a lot at stake and must retain lots of information and proper uptake of it. 

So, conceptually we started discussing the “Art of the Possible.” What does the future hold for a business process outsourcer?

Imagine as the patient is calling in, the conversation is being “parsed” and weighted on key words that are critical to providing the end patient with a speedy uptake experience, but also assist the agent in filling out their forms and offer information in regards to adverse affects.

Providing a true end-to-end experience to your client, in this case your patient, and for your agent is key to retention.

With Five9, the cherry on top is the agent’s post call work is reduced since all the forms are filled out in real-time and at the end of the call the disposition is being applied.

This is the true next level BPO! This BPO will revolutionize the way their customers are treated. I’m proud to say that we will be able to help them over many different clients in various markets and verticals with this concept that is a reality today.

The end result, the BPO can provide more comprehensive and accurate data by removing manual entry.

What I love about being at Five9 is continued innovation. I’m proud to share the amazing artificial intelligence progress that a leader like Jonathan Rosenburg, CTO and AI visionary, has brought to the forefront. Execution and customer centric values makes our client successful.

Reach out to me and we will change your business by transforming your contact center to an efficient revenue generation center.

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