Five9 Webinar Stepping Stones to Practical AI

[Webinar] 5 Stepping Stones to Practical AI in the Contact Center

“Good evening, Scott! I see your flight to Chicago was cancelled due to weather conditions. Given you’re a valued frequent flyer, I took the liberty of booking you on another flight first thing in the morning. I can also connect you with a nearby hotel, covering costs for the inconvenience. Is there anything else I can help you with?”


Ever had this experience calling the airlines? Its possible if you fly a lot. If you’re like most, this experience is rare. The personalized touch in a customer service experience matters to the consumer and can be the key to creating customer loyalty. To achieve this, artificial intelligence (AI) can be a game changer as it takes the burden off the customer, enabling an amazing experience.


We recently announced Five9 Spring Release 2018, which introduces Five9 GeniusTM and Engagement Workflow. Five9 Genius draws insights from AI to predict the reason for the interaction, and intelligently route the customer to the best agent who is provided with specific guidance on how to address the customer’s needs before they directly engage with them. The result is a faster and more personalized customer experience. The new Engagement Workflow, a single workflow engine for AI-driven intelligent omnichannel routing,incorporates machine learning into routing decisions to determine who, why, and how, to deliver an optimal experience for every interaction across every channel. 


Delivering personalized customer experiences is key to digital transformation. Bringing AI into your contact center is an important step in delivering smarter, personalized experiences each and every time. Much like the example of the airlines at the beginning. But it’s possible you don’t know where to start.


On June 26th at 11am PT, I will join renowned contact center industry analyst Sheila McGee-Smith for a discussion about how you can prepare your business to take the next step toward implementing practical, outcome-driven AI into your contact center. In this webinar you’ll learn:


  • 5 practical steps to create a foundation for an AI-driven future now

  • Why implementing AI is not some futuristic technology but rather a practical tool that can deliver real benefits to your contact center

  • Practical use cases for AI in the contact center


If you’re interested in learning more, join us on June 26! Register here.

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