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[Webinar] How Booker Transformed Their Customer Experience with Oracle and Five9

Learn how Booker reduced call volume by 34%, boosted NPS, all growing the business by 20%

Your customer experience is the determining factor in your company’s success. But what makes customer experience great? And how do you get from where you are now to where your customers want you to be?

“I started my career at McDonalds where I learned something important: Customers like consistency,” explains Brian Raboin, Vice President of Customer Experience at Booker “Customers want to know what they’re going to get when they contact a company.”

With a goal of providing a streamlined, successful experience across the full customer journey, Raboin quickly recognized that the sales and services teams needed to be better aligned. Because Booker stores its customer database in Oracle Service Cloud, the company required a solution that fully integrated Oracle and Five9 which enabled seamless access to customer information for both inbound and outbound calls.

In Spring 2016, Raboin attended the Modern CX conference where he was introduced to a representative from Five9 at the Oracle booth. “I was familiar with Five9 because I had implemented its contact center systems in the past, but when I learned that Five9 could integrate with Oracle Service Cloud, that was a defining advantage,” stated Raboin.

Join Five9 customer Brian Raboin, Vice President of Customer Experience at Booker, and Darryl Addington, Director of Product Marketing at Five9, for a lively discussion about Booker’s customer experience transformation.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • How Booker’s customer journey mapping led to the realization that they needed a new CRM and contact center solution.
  • How they surveyed the available options and why they chose Five9.
  • The benefits and ROI Booker saw from deploying an Oracle and Five9 integrated solution.

Register here, and we will see you December 13th at 11am PT (2pm ET)!


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