What to Expect at Five9 CX Summit ‘20

What to Expect at Five9 CX Summit ‘20

Five9 CX Summit 20 is just around the corner! A human experience is more important than ever in a virtual economy, and this year’s CX Summit is all about bringing this human experience to every aspect of your contact center. The virtual event will break down how applying the increasing amount of data at our fingertips to enhance customer experience through empathy is a key differentiator in a modern contact center and helps create brand loyalists.  

Bringing empathy to your contact center entails transforming your customer service through everything from the latest technology to finding creative ways to empower your agents. Five9 CX Summit has four different tracks to choose from that cover how to bring a human experience to different areas of your contact center. Here are the tracks offered at this year’s event: 

Track 1: Make Customer Service A More Human Experience 

The idea of bringing empathy to your contact center can seem like a broad task to tackle. In this track, explore new ideas and approaches that will transform your cloud contact center into a strategic asset and source of competitive advantage. Enhancing your contact center with the latest technology and strategy doesn’t mean sacrificing the human experience, but rather prioritizing it! 

Track 2: See What's Possible In The Cloud With Five9 

The seamless integration that comes from a cloud contact center comes hand-in-hand with evolution to stay modern. Learn new tips, techniques and methodologies to setup, measure and improve your contact center KPIs. 

Track 3: Superpower Your Agents 

Uncover new ways to motivate and engage your employees, making them own and feel part of the process, using gamification and industry best practices. Keeping agents engaged takes on heightened priority in a work from home model and requires integrated technology and empathetic strategy. 

Track 4: Under the Hood: Five9 Technology & Innovations 

Improve your understanding of the core functionality of the Five9 platform as well as relevant processes! Learn about the newest Five9 products and the latest changes being made to a cloud contact center. 

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