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The Customer Service Winner & Loser of Super Bowl 52

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Niki Hall Chief Marketing Officer

Setting – My house – Super Bowl Sunday

Two teams:

  • DoorDash: Favored by five based on previous performance
  • Buffalo Wild Wings: 0 and 2, will this be another loss for Buffalo?

Pre-Game Show

I used my mobile phone DoorDash app to order Buffalo Wild Wings for the hungry fans. DoorDash said it would be two hours for delivery and expectations were set.

1st Quarter

Fans are off sides on the receiver at Buffalo Wild Wings because they are getting hungry seeing food ads during the game and they have no wings!


2nd Quarter

Still no Buffalo Wild Wings, fans are really restless now, what is a Superbowl without wings! Fans call a time out and refer to the playbook for a back up plan to wings. 

One minute left in the half and the clock is ticking…. DoorDash is at Buffalo Wild Wings and there’s a flag on the play. 

The officials are reviewing the play, looks like a late hit and fumble by Buffalo Wild Wings.

Luckily the fans were all mesmerized by the half time show and distracted about the lack of wings.


3rd Quarter

I recieved a phone call from my DoorDash driver. She’s been at Buffalo Wild Wings for 25 minutes and then tell her BWW isn’t accepting DoorDash orders on Super Bowl Sunday.

[Pass Interference] That’s a penalty because I was able to place the order with DoorDash. My Dasher was the perfect example of exceptional customer service. My Dasher apologizes, and DoorDash quickly gives me a refund and suggests I call Buffalo  Wild Wings to resolve.


4th Quarter

The fans are upset now, with no Buffalo Wild Wings in sight. Overtime isn’t even an option, no chance Buffalo can come back from this upset.

[A flag is thrown on the play, first penalty] I call Buffalo Wild Wings and ask to speak to the manager. I was asked who I was and why I'm calling.

[Defensive holding, second penalty] The manager gets on the line and when I explain the issue, the manager doesn’t apologize.

[Personal foul, not owning issue, third penalty] The manager says that couldn’t have happened because DoorDash was turned off.

[Facemask, Buffalo forced to take a time out, fourth penalty] Manager argues with the customer.

[On to the fifth penalty] When I say I still want Buffalo Wild Wings to keep the fans happy, the manager says she can’t deliver for at least an hour.

[Delay of game, sixth penalty] When I explain this is poor customer service, the manager argues and refuses to apologize.

Buffalo Wild Wings maximizes penalties and is ejected from the game. 

It’s very clear who the winner and loser are of Customer Service Super Bowl 52.


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Niki Hall Chief Marketing Officer

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