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Your Agents are Your Customer Experience

Today customers are more demanding and have more choice than ever before. In fact, in the annual Five9 Customer Service Index, 75 percent of consumers reported that they are very or somewhat unlikely to do business with a company if they have a poor customer service experience. Accenture reports that over 1.4T is lost by organizations each year due to poor customer experience.

The role of the contact center is crucial for businesses. In today’s digital economy, for many companies the only time a consumer engages with them is through the contact center which has become the front door and face of the business. Customer service agents are now responsible for their brand’s customer experience as fewer and fewer consumers engage face-to-face with an employee in a store or branch. In these virtual communications, the agent is the sole point of interaction for the company. During these make it or break it moments, your agents can either reinforce or erode your brand’s reputation.

Consequently, recent Nemertes Research studies have shown that companies focused on transforming their brand’s customer experience have seen positive results. Companies with this goal in mind saw 49.7 percent increase in customer satisfaction, 30 percent increase in digital sales, 27 percent reduction in agent turnover, and had 50 percent more customers won versus 7 percent lost.

What all this means is that your agent are your customer experience. How can you ensure that your agents are empowered to provide great CX? For most, employee turnover is the largest expense for a contact enter. It impacts agent proficiency, customer service quality and, ultimately, CX. Companies that want to improve their agent experience and increase their business, need to implement the right technology that improves agent satisfactions and retains top talent.

At this year’s Five9 CX Summit I will host the session ‘To Provide Extraordinary Experiences your Agents Need the Right Tools’ alongside Erin Wilson, Five9 Director of Solutions Consulting. Attendees will also hear directly from Five9 customer, Darryl Flores of Gonzaba Medical Group, and learn how the right technology supports agents, cuts average call handling time, boosts productivity and reduces agent churn – resulting in enormous cost savings.

To learn how you can empower your agents to deliver great CX, register for our session ‘To Provide Extraordinary Experiences your Agents Need the Right Tools’ at Five9 CX Summit. Space is limited.

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