5 Accredited Partner Applications Powered by Five9 VoiceStream to Help Deliver Results

5 Accredited Partner Applications Powered by Five9 VoiceStream to Help Deliver Results

Last month, we shared an introduction to Five9 VoiceStream and how it can help you reimagine the contact center experience. In this post, we will dive deeper into five accredited partner applications that are powered by Five9 VoiceStream.  

  1. CallMiner Alert for real-time agent guidance 

CallMiner Alert provides Five9 customers’ contact center supervisors, quality analysts and agents with real-time actionable business insights. Five9 and CallMiner can now revolutionize contact center quality and efficiency. VoiceStream real-time audio feeds the analytics in Alert providing the ability to determine a caller’s intent. Armed with such insights, this combined solution can guide the agent to the next-best-action, reducing errors and weeks of training, as well as a significant reduction in average handle time (AHT). 

For example, through the implementation of this combined solution, joint customers can more effectively support agents in adhering to industry-related compliance requirements, which reduces violations and increases sales.  

CallMiner is excited to partner with Five9 and leverage their new real-time audio streaming service, VoiceStreamThis joint offering will improve CX by optimizing agent performance with real-time guidance (and emotion insights)The solution helps ensure compliance, proactively escalates interactions as needed, and can be extended for real-time emotional insights,” 
--Dan Hoaglund, Director of Strategic Partnerships, CallMiner

  1. Cogito Dialog for behavioral coaching  

Cogito Dialog provides agent guidance based on the AI system analysis of customer and agent conversations. Cogito connects to Five9 VoiceStream and event notifications to deploy complementing the Five9 Intelligent Cloud Contact Center. Cogito provides agent guidance on every call in real-time so that the agent can adapt to the situation to better serve the client and improve on NPS, CX, AHT, and a multitude of other contact center KPIs.   

Cogito helps improve your agent performance to meet your business objectives leveraging Five9 VoiceStream to monitor calls in real-time and provide guidance to agents.     

  1. ValidSoftID for biometrics authentication  

Five9 VoiceStream and the ValidSoft VoiceID voice authentication platform is enabling the capabilities to provide an outstanding customer experience coupled with strong security. The CX improves upon the tedious and often unsuccessful password and knowledge-based authentication process to a streamlined natural conversation with an agent in a matter of a few seconds. This combined technology can identify suspicious callers all in real-time to avoid risk to your business and your customers.  

Additionally, the technology can be used to authenticate your agents, to ensure that only authorized agents are accessing your company’s valuable data and customer information. 

“With VoiceStream, Five9’s latest cloud-to-cloud streaming technology, ValidSoft can quickly and accurately analyze audio in real-time to provide unparalleled identity assurance results,”
--Michael Kellermann, VP Sales, North America, ValidSoft 

  1. Voci Transcribe by Medallia for real-time voice transcription  

With real-time and post-call transcription capabilities, you can extract actionable intelligence from voice calls to improve customer experience, operational efficiencies, security, compliance requirements and more in the contact center. Five9 customers can easily integrate with GPU-accelerated, deep learning speech technologies through open REST APIs, enabling both real-time and post call transcription. Unlock valuable insights found in audio data with Voci’s partner-enabled transcription technology powered by Five9 VoiceStream.  

  1. XSELL HiPer for real-time agent coaching  

XSELL’s AI technology efficiently guides intent discovery and optimizes script recommendations to reflect important rapport elements through the entire call. XSELL HiPer powered by Five9 VoiceStream combines the best of technology with human authenticity to deliver real time coaching at scale, to every agent, across an entire enterprise.  

Leveraging Five9 VoiceStream technology has had a significant impact on our ability to deliver speed and agility to our customers. In our business, every minute of every agent interaction matters to deliver real results. VoiceStream is one of the key components of our unique real-time coaching capabilities for contact center agents,
--Matt Coughlin, CEO, XSELL

While these are the initial partner applications that are available today, Five9 is working with several additional partners who have started developing their own applications. As you think about what your customers’ journeys should look like, brainstorm with us and our partners to see how we can reimagine what great CX can be. 

To learn more about the Five9 VoiceStream partners visit the ISV App Marketplace or to become an accredited Five9 VoiceStream partner. Stay tuned also for the new Five9 CX Marketplace coming in September. 

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