Five9 Recognized for Growth, Innovation and Leadership by Frost & Sullivan

Recognizing industry trends is one thing. Actually delivering a solution to support those trends is another. The companies that recognize and deliver the answer that best aligns with modern customers will be the ones rewarded. The best reward comes from someone who has the depth and breadth of knowledge required to be considered an industry expert.

Which brings us to some fantastic news.

Five9 was recently selected by Frost & Sullivan as a winner of a Best Practices Award for North America, for Customer Value Leadership. Frost & Sullivan recognizes growth, innovation and leadership in companies, strategies, processes and executives that have achieved world-class performance within the industry.

Nancy Jamison, Principal Analyst in Digital Transformation at Frost & Sullivan says, "Five9 has positioned themselves at the best-in-class level, determined by two key factors: excellent customer and business impact."

While the award focused far beyond our latest release, Ms. Jamison noted that Five9's 2016 Summer Release focus on innovation in the customer journey hit the mark when she said, "it targets the needs of the changing consumer by empowering contact center agents and supervisors with intuitive and powerful tools to manage the customer journey and improve the customer experience. Five9 has demonstrated the alignment of the contact center industry with the modern consumer's expectations."

In July 2016, Five9 was also honored with another Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award for competitive strategy, establishing growth in the Latin American enterprise market.

This award acknowledges the innovation that the entire team has strived for in the latest release.

Learn more about the Five9 Summer Release 2016 here, and more information on the Five9 award write-up is available on SlideShare.


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