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Live from Las Vegas, Five9 CX Summit

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Allison Wilson Director of Media and Analyst Relations

Leading media and analyst relations to drive awareness, perception and preference for the Five9 brand. 

Co-written by Sarah Joven, Five9 Corporate Communications Intern

Five9 can’t wait to host our annual CX Summit, live and in person, for the first time since 2019! The event takes place August 9-11 at ARIA Casino & Resort with the theme "Real CX. Real Life." With Real CX, you can build meaningful relationships with your customers. We’re dedicating CX Summit to helping our customers and prospects put real life at the heart of their customer service. 

New Session Formats 

We took a data-driven approach to this year’s Five9 CX Summit, using feedback and surveys from last year’s event to match our customers’ and prospects’ most top-of-mind topics. CX Summit will include a new Industry Circle of Excellence Theater, which will host sessions featuring real-life stories from amazing Five9 customers and insight from industry influencers and trailblazing leaders. These 50-minute sessions will run throughout all three days of the conference and cover trends impacting the contact center industry today and tomorrow. Take advantage of opportunities to discuss new CX innovations through many different session formats, including:  

  • Five9 CX Certificate Classes: Earn proficiency in Five9 products. 

  • CX Workshops: Improve solution adoption. 

  • CX Seminars: Take part in business planning experiences. 

  • Business Consulting Sessions: Get feedback on contact center efficiency. 

  • Five9 Demopalooza Theater: Experience real-time product demos. 

Our sessions can help you optimize the people, processes, and technology of CX, learn how to use Five9 solutions in new ways, and leverage emerging technologies. 

Five CX Summit Sessions You Won’t Want to Miss: 

  1. What's New, What's Next: Reporting and Analytics — Collecting and reporting on data isn’t enough. You need to derive insights from that data if you want to drive value and outcomes. Set yourself up to deliver success from your data in 2022 and beyond.  

  2. What’s New, What’s Next: Digital Engagement — Discover new ways to connect with customers across all channels, from SMS and chat to intelligent virtual agents (IVAs).  

  3. The Promise of AI and Automation in the Contact Center — Learn about the latest in the realm of AI and automation including IVAs, Agent Assist, and overall workflow engagement. 

  1. Building Solutions: IVA for Call Steering, Self-service, and Biometrics — Gain hands-on experience with our low-code IVA developer, Studio 7. Build a call steering application from scratch. Learn how and when to apply different approaches to CX including directed speech, word spotting, and natural language. 

  1. Building Solutions: Up Your Outbound Game and Automate Downstream Workflows — Design and build a workflow leveraging Five9 Workflow Automation. Learn how the processes that start inside the contact center can initiate actions in other business apps and vice versa. 

Real CX Transformation, Real People 

Our CX Summit wouldn’t be complete without our incredible Five9 partners. Network with Five9 ecosystem partners in our CX Hub and get new ideas for customizing and enhancing your contact center environment, breaking down data silos, and ensuring an integrated employee and customer experience.  

In addition to connecting with partners at the event, you can also catch the Five9 executive team live on stage, sharing the latest company news, what’s ahead on our product roadmap, and more. 

Five9 CX Summit executive keynote speakers include: 

Our executives, and the entire Five9 team, hope you’ll join us in Las Vegas for Five9 CX Summit: the #1 cloud contact center conference dedicated to making CX work for real life. For even more reasons to attend the event, and to register, visit our event page

CX Summit 2022


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Allison Wilson Director of Media and Analyst Relations

Leading media and analyst relations to drive awareness, perception and preference for the Five9 brand. 

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