[WEBINAR] What to Expect In our Annual Fireside Chat Webinar with Rowan Trollope and Sheila McGee-Smith

[WEBINAR] What to Expect In our Annual Fireside Chat Webinar with Rowan Trollope and Sheila McGee-Smith

It is evident that the unforeseen events of 2020 have forever changed the way consumers interact with brands. According to the recent 2020 Customer Service Index (CSI) Report, 51% of consumers claimed that contact center agents were the only company representatives they interacted with in the past 10 months. Therefore, as Five9 CEO, Rowan Trollopeoften emphasizes, the contact center has truly become the front door of the business.  

So, the important question is: what do these changes in consumer behavior mean for the future of the contact center and what should CX leaders expect in 2021?  

On Dec. 8th at 11 AM PST, we will host our annual live fireside chat with Rowan Trollope and Sheila McGee-Smith. Our industry experts will look ahead to 2021 and reveal 5 major contact center predictions that will help your enterprise thrive in the new year 

However, before we join this fireside chat, it’s important to lookback and review our predictions from the past year. Let’s begin:  

Prediction #1: We are all Generation Z 

2020 was predicted to be a year where generational expectations would converge. Boomers want the same great experiences as millennials or generation Z and the differences in generational behavior are smaller than we initially thought. However, we still must recognize that people want choices in the way they interact with your brand. This is imperative for customer care operations. 

Prediction #2: Customer Service - Go All In or Go Out of Business 

In 2020, customer experience will really be the only way to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Therefore, businesses need to recognize now that they need to go all in to deliver an incredible customer experience or they risk going out of business in the next 1-5 years.  

Prediction #3: Bots, Bots Everywhere, But Not A Bot to Think  

Delivering exceptional experiences via a chat bot was extremely difficult to deliver in 2019. Therefore, for chatbot deployment to be successful in 2020, they need to be able to escalate to a live agent for more complex customer questions. According to the 2019 Customer Service Index report, consumers are open to interacting with a chat bot if they have the option to escalate to a live agent.  

Prediction #4: 1Human + 1AI = 3 

2020 was predicted to be the year where artificial intelligence (AI) in the contact center would augment agent's ability to deliver an incredible experience. AI should help agents elevate what they are already good at and help them with the next best action. In 2020, AI will empower agents and train them in real-time. The question should be in 2020: How can we make agents smarter? We have definitely seen this prediction come true with the release of the Five9 Virtual Assistant and Five9 Agent Assist 

Prediction #5: Rise of the Citizen Developer 

Citizen Developers are the wave of the future. With open APIs and the rise of citizen developers, we are now able to personalize applications right in the contact center. It was predicted that this will be the largest contact center transformation in the next 5 years.   

To hear Rowan and Sheila’s live reactions to these past predictions, join our live fireside chat on Dec. 8th at 11 AM PT, as they reveal deeper insights into the future of the contact center and what it means for your CX strategy moving forward.  

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