2019 Resolution: Don’t Let Your Customer Service Suck

2019 Resolution: Don’t Let Your Customer Service Suck

The hectic holiday season has come to an end, and life is finally getting back to its normal routine. Just as you begin tidying up your home, you notice your speaker system that broke the other week. You had been putting off contacting customer service, but you’re hosting a dinner party next week and you will be needing your speakers to play music.

You dial the customer service line – hoping your issue will be resolved quickly. You answer a series of authentication questions from an interactive voice system (IVR) and are swiftly transferred to a customer service agent. The agent repeats the same series of questions that you had just answered before transferring you to another agent, who is better suited to solve your problem.

Finally reaching the agent, who’s supposedly able to help, you find yourself answering the same questions for a third time. Feeling annoyed and like you are wasting your time, you hang up and decide to call back later.

A few days pass, and you try calling back the customer service line. Disappointed, you have a repeat of the same lousy experience. This bad customer experience leaves you promising to never purchase from this brand again.

But, it didn’t have to end this way. On your first call, you could have answered the IVR and then been directed to an agent, who greets you by name, repeats the information that you had given to the automated agent and quickly takes the next steps to solve your issue. Your problem could have been resolved in your first call – saving not only your patience but also your time.

Today, customer expectations are higher than ever, and it’s up to companies to meet or exceed these expectations if they want to keep a customers’ business. Customers expect agents to know who they are, remember their issue and place value on resolving the problem at hand.

Make 2019 the year to improve your company’s customer experience. To learn more about our Five9 solutions, click here.  

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