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CX Summit Spotlight: All eyes on AI

These days, artificial intelligence doesn’t always have to feel artificial. In fact, many organizations are using AI to create a more human customer experience. If you have ever wondered how this technology can improve service and operations in your contact center, then you won’t want to miss the AI track at this year’s Five9 CX Summit.  

Our sessions will provide a fascinating look at what is possible with AI, how to get started, where to invest, and how to measure success. We'll showcase real world customer examples that are sure to inspire new ideas for your own business.    

Highlights for our Scale with AI & A Digital Workforce track include:   

How to Use AI to Control your Digital Transformation 

Bring your ideas, opinions and questions to this timely discussion about the best ways to incorporate conversational AI into the customer journey and your contact center agents’ workflows.  

Dan Miller, Founder, Opus Research 
Derek Top, Senior Analyst & Research Director, Opus Research 
Scott Kolman, SVP Corporate Marketing, Five9 

Reimagine your Workforce with AI & Automation 

There are many roles in the contact center—agents, supervisors, trainers, and quality assurance managers—that can benefit from digital technologies like AI and automation. A “digital workforce” can operate alongside your live agents to automate routine aspects of their jobs and serve as intelligent assistants, advising and coaching them to become more productive and provide a better customer experience. In this session, we’ll explore the building blocks of a digital workforce and new best practices around deploying AI and automation in the contact center.  

Callan Schebella, EVP, Product Management, Five9
Beatrice Casanova, Senior Director, Product Management, Five9 

Develop a Digital First IVA Strategy 

Come to this session to see how leveraging web chat, secure rich messaging channels, and advanced biometrics deliver value in a wide spectrum of use cases for Banking, Insurance, Government, and Property Management.  

Cliff Haas, Sales Director, Five9 

What are the Answers to the Top 10 AI Questions? 

Come to this session to vote on the top 10 questions you want answered by our panel of AI experts. 

Jonathan Rosenberg, CTO, Five9 
Callan Schebella, EVP, Product Management, Five9 
Santosh Kulkarni, Senior Director, Product, Five9
Cliff Haas, Sales Director, Five9  
Danny Wang, Director, Product Management, Five9   

How to make the ROI Business Case for an Intelligent Virtual Agent 

In this session, experts will help you understand the value Intelligent Virtual Agents can bring to your contact center with an ROI analysis. Bring your KPIs for better results!   

Andy Welsh, Sales Director: AI and Automation  

How to Set up your Own Intelligent Virtual Agent in Minutes 

Ready to move off your IVR or embrace AI bots, but afraid that an Intelligent Virtual Agent (IVA) is too difficult to set up? Come to this session to experience how easy it is to stand up your own AI bot. You can sign up for a 14-day trial and we will help you set up your IVA in this step-by-step instructional session led by a Five9 IVA expert. 

Matt Bange, Manager, Solutions Consulting 

Improving the Customer Journey with Intelligent Virtual Agents 

Come to this session to learn how Nextiva and Stenograph enhanced efficiencies in the customer journey with Intelligent Virtual Agents.  
Cathryn Valladares, VP, Enterprise Solutions, Nextiva 
Jason Drougas, Principal, STC Technologies 
John McInerney, VP of Operations, Stenograph 

We know that adapting to new and evolving technologies like AI can cause hesitation within some organizations, but those that do the research and innovate will reap the biggest rewards. Will you be one of them?   

Register now for the 2021 Five9 CX Summit; you don’t want to miss out! 


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