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Delivering Great Customer Satisfaction – Your Agents are Key

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Peter Milligan Senior Product Marketing Manager

In a recent Customer Spotlight Webinar with Teladoc Health, the global virtual care leader, Teladoc presented a couple of pretty staggering customer metrics in their contact center. They are maintaining a more than 97% customer satisfaction (CSAT) rating over the past four years and Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 54.5. So how does this even happen?

I’m glad you asked. During the webinar we asked our audience: What do you think has the most impact on customer satisfaction? The results were as follows:

  • Increased First Call Resolution           29.1%
  • Knowledgeable Agents                       22.5%
  • Personalized Service                           16.1%
  • Reduced Customer Effort                   16.1%
  • Less Time on Hold                             12.9%
  • Reduced Speed to Answer                 3.3%

Looking at the results it occurred to us, the results are keenly intertwined. They all relate to agent and supervisor empowerment.

At Five9 we work closely with our customers to help them empower agents and supervisors. With the right tools and information agents can provide extraordinary customer experiences

There are many ways to impact the first four results – integrating your contact center with your CRM is a great start. This integration provides agents with valuable information on their desktop, like previous interactions and customer profile information. Instead of greeting a customer by saying, “Hello, I’m Peter, how can I help you today?” The conversation would be more like this, “Hello, Nicole, I’m Peter. I see you’ve had a few issues with your account recently. I have your account information in front of me based on the number you entered. Is that why your calling today?” Personalized service, by a knowledgeable agent, with little effort by the customer. Simple. Yet not all companies are doing this.

Our guest speaker details the steps they took that lead to their high CSAT and NPS scores. To learn more listen to How Teladoc Health Delivers Great Customer Satisfaction with Five9 on demand.

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Peter Milligan Senior Product Marketing Manager

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