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Five9 Knows Business Process Outsourcers

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Erin Wilson Dir., Technical Marketing

Chameleons. The highly adaptive lizards are always changing their outsides to match the world around them. Yet on the inside, fundamentally, they are still the same reliable reptile, just trying to catch a cricket - not unlike the life of a business process outsourcer (BPO). 

 As a BPO, you must remain flexible enough to satisfy every client’s whim, while keeping costs in check and service levels satisfactory. Your success comes from managing to consistency in the business, all while providing a brand-match for your clients.  

Just as with our friendly chameleon, all that changing consumes quite a bit of energy – whether time, calorie, or human effort – resources are finite and something we best protect any way we can.  

The good news: Leading business process outsourcing organizations that leverage the Five9 Intelligent Cloud Contact Center land more clients, reduce client churn, and control costs and margin. To understand how, let’s imagine that Martin is the owner of a regional BPO that employs between 400 and 2,000 agents at a time, depending on the season.   

For over 20 years, Martin has painstakingly grown his business using an on-premises call center platform. He battled fragile infrastructure, rusty technology, and plateauing growth. Unfortunately, his old platform was so limiting that he started losing clients to competitors that were using flexible, cloud solutions like Five9. With profit margins dwindling, clients complaining about the accuracy of reports, and more and more prospects demanding omni-channel options, Martin could wait no longer. It was time to see what Five9 could do for him.  

As a born-in-the-cloud solution, Five9 offers incredible flexibility.  

Sure, you can scale licensing up and down as the seasons change or clients come and go, but what makes Five9 a gamechanger for business process outsourcers is our omnichannel, AI and automation, reporting, and agent and supervisor productivity tools. 

Martin can easily design a unique customer experience for each client his team services. Each campaign comes equipped with tailored enablement tools – like scripts and screen pops, dynamic IVRs or intelligent virtual agents, and custom routing and overflow rules. Martin’s team assembles these workflows using many open APIs — without involvement from Five9. But should they need – or want –help, their personal technical account manager is just a phone call away.  

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Supervisors will monitor the individual campaigns for performance, service level attainment, and any other leading indicators of success they define. Brewing issues are identified and corrected early –before they affect SLAs or a client’s satisfaction. By providing better visibility into agent performance via dashboards, wallboards, data visualizations, speech analytics, and quality management, supervisors can spend more time performing high-value coaching activities.  

Five9 also simplifies reporting back to the client. Canned reports are crafted and made available for client-initiated retrieval, emailed automatically, or even FTPed to a designated repository. No matter how clients demand their data, Five9 makes it easy for Martin’s team to provide it – without using more human resources. By leveraging a cloud platform, Martin can recruit agents from all over the world, which helps to protect the bottom line. 

The intuitive agent interface of Five9 adapts to whatever environment clients need; Five9 offers the choice of standalone agent desktops and CRM-embedded agent experiences. Each interface provides agents everything they need to handle inbound, outbound, and text-based interactions like chat, email, and social – all from a single, east-to-navigate experience.  

The Five9 Digital Workforce further increases agent productivity and shortens training time by delivering customized, AI-powered next-best-action suggestions to agents in the form of coaching cards. The cards automatically summarize and memorialize interactions to reduce after-call work by as much as 80%, and initiate client-specific workflows to streamline the data flow between systems.  

Five9 Agents are held accountable with thorough reporting, agent-level dashboarding, and quality management tools. And when it comes to scheduling, Five9 Workforce Management simplifies Martin’s ability to forecast future staffing requirements and measure the team’s performance against those projections.  

By making agents more effective, improving their call-handling efficiencies, and using data (instead of guesses) to make staffing decisions, Martin’s team improved their margins while still maintaining the service levels their clients required.  

As you can see, Five9 helped Martin:  

  • Bring on new clients quickly by using our do-it-yourself, no-code, visual workflow designer and campaign configuration tools. 

  • Retain existing clients by empowering agents and supervisors to deliver excellent, timely service to their customers. 

  • Improve profit margins by taking configuration in house, optimizing the workforce, leveraging AI and automation, and pulling from a larger agent pool — like at-home agents. 

  • Increase client satisfaction and confidence with accurate, transparent reporting. 

  • Attract new clients by adding omni-channel options to the service portfolio. 

Five9 Knows BPOs 

Our team of experts help leading business process outsourcing firms, just like yours, move to the cloud, improve their margins, and retain clients every day. We know how to get you from where you are to where you want to be and will guide you every step of your journey. So, whether you need to bring a new client on board, take on a new campaign, or change an existing business process, Five9 is here to help. 

Are You Ready to Reimagine the Customer Experience?  

To learn more about what Five9 can do for your business, schedule a time to chat with one of our experts. Together we will reimagine your contact center and so you can realize results. 


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Erin Wilson Dir., Technical Marketing

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