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Meet Five9 Customer Heroes Leading the Cloud Contact Center Revolution

Founded in 2001, Five9 began the cloud revolution in contact centers. It’s been almost sixteen years, but when you look at the numbers it’s pretty surprising to me. It’s estimated that only 10-15% of the companies in the world are running their contact centers in the cloud.

According to "Why More Contact Centers are Moving to the Cloud" in Fortune Magazine, most of the estimated $304 billion spent in 2016 on business software applications were spent on "legacy" solutions - where applications are licensed, installed and run from inside a company's network firewall. Think about this - according to independent technology researcher Forrester Research, two-thirds of software budgets are still dedicated to the legacy solutions.

So who are these heroes that led the way at their companies to implement a cloud contact center?

They are call center leaders of service, support, sales, marketing and technical organizations. They are presidents, owners, executives, and call center teams. Whatever their job title, they have one role – they focus on making today’s call centers better, stronger, and faster.

Today we spotlight the Five9 Customer Success Showcase where you can watch video testimonials and view case studies to learn from your peers. Hear from heroes at companies, such as Bernard, Booker, Citrix, National Funding, Siemens, and others who trust Five9 to accelerate their sales and power customer service 24x7x365.

Meet the Heroes:

“Another advantage of going with a total cloud solution is that it won’t become outdated, as our premise-based system did.” – Matt Zemon, President and Chief Executive Officer, Bernard

“Five9 and Oracle Service Cloud have enabled us to deliver consistent customer service,” – Brian Raboin, Vice President, Customer Experience, Booker

Citrix is a big proponent of the cloud. It enables us to focus on what we are supposed to be focused on. Why not let an organization like Five9—that specializes in call centers, telephony, IVRs—own that piece?– Marc Flaum, Senior Architect, Citrix

Five9’s integration with Salesforce is amazing. It’s really enabled our business to move fast and be agile,” – Geoff Howard, Executive Vice President of Technology, National Funding

“Based on our extensive analysis, we found Five9 to be the best value,” – Chittaranjan Desai, Director of Central Applications and Support, Siemens

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