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System Integrators are Delivering Incredible Customer Experiences with the Five9 Engagement Workflow Platform

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Steve Plunkett VP, Global Systems Integrators

Consider this definition of “thoughtful engagement experiences”:   

The act of engaging with a business or service provider to deal with an issue, upgrade service or order new products, and walking away from the interaction with the feeling that everything was done to make it as easy as possible.  Thus, creating a sense of loyalty to continue working with the business, a feeling of worthiness and a desire to promote the experience and product to others.

Global system integrators have always led organizations into modern efficiencies based off new technology practices that have been evaluated, vetted, and prioritized to deliver the greatest impact. Couple this with the consultative knowledge learned by deep discoveries to create transformative business practices for desired outcomes.  Historically, the platform advancements and upgrades focused on creating work streams that connected accounting, operations, marketing, and sales (quote to cash delivery) to deliver the “well-oiled machine.”

In today’s hyper-competitive environment, the cost of acquiring new customers and creating long standing B2B or B2C relationships is even more critical to brand survival. Human experience engagement (now mostly from our homes/home offices) is the key differentiator for success.  

System Integrators have discovered that the Five9 Intelligent Cloud Contact Center provides them with the unique ability to leverage client knowledge of staffed business analysts and CRM practice delivery leadership with new opportunities to define how brands are perceived and influence with real-time data analytics and critical business decisions with executive leadership.

The new Five9 workflow automation capabilities powered by the Whendu IPaaS foundation enables SI’s to extend the reach in the following ways:

  • Defining business insights with vertical industry expertise to train intelligent virtual assistants (IVAs) and natural language IVRs
  • Engagement workstream creation with proactive messaging and external data source inclusion
  • Training of the Five9 AI platform with vertical data to provide valuable suggested next best actions
  • Leverage voice transcription and analysis of recordings for true business agility metrics based off the voice of the customer

Five9 is working with our system integrator partners to develop vertically specific solutions and increase the value delivery quotient with their expertise in the market through open, flexible APIs and SDK advancements in the contact center.

Now, our partners have access to an entirely new data lake full of valuable information that is intimately specific to their end clients’ pulse of day to day customer interactions. 

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Steve Plunkett VP, Global Systems Integrators

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