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Break Down Data Silos and Drive Fluid Customer Experiences with Five9 Workflow Automation

Workflow Automation enables companies to seamlessly connect disparate systems, aggregate information, and trigger cross-platform workflows, making CX more fluid.
AI and Human superimposed

Unlock the Next Level of Agent Productivity with Generative AI Summary on Five9 Agent Assist

It's hard to keep up with all the buzz around Generative AI and how it's set to transform the business landscape. It's been a hot topic of discussion in 2023, and many of us are curious about this technology's practical applications and viability in the contact center. 

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The Third Era of AI is Upon Us

The evolution of AI and where it is going.
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2023’s Top 4 AI Use Cases in Healthcare Communications

Details on the top four examples of using AI to improve patient experience.
Conversational AI blog

Delivering on the Promise of Conversational AI  

Clever implementation practices can help bridge the gap between the promise of and delivery of conversational AI in the contact center.
Carolina's Blog

Traspasa la frontera del CX

Hace un par de semanas, tuve la oportunidad de ser uno de los miembros del equipo que representó a Five9 junto con uno de nuestros socios en el país, Nuveto, por primera vez en un gran evento de la industria en España. El evento tuvo lugar en Madrid en el cine Kinépolis, donde tuvimos el placer de posicionar nuestra marca, celebrando el 25 aniversario de la EXPO Relación Cliente, IFAES.
Carolina's Blog

Crossing the CX Boundary

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to be one of the team members who represented Five9 together with one of our partners in country, Nuveto, for the first time in a big industry event in Spain. The event was held in Madrid at the Kinépolis cinema, where we had the pleasure of positioning our brand, celebrating the 25th anniversary of EXPO Customer Relationship, IFAES.
Discover the Latest Five9 Product Updates

Five9 IVA Development Becomes More Powerful and More Collaborative

IVA’s help contact center agents become more productive and improve both employee and agent experience, resulting in a happier customer experience.
Discover the Latest Five9 Product Updates

How AI can Help Deliver Personalized and Fluid Customer Experiences

The ways customers engage continue to evolve. There is a huge shift toward self-driven, conversational, and personalized experiences across every channel.
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How Automation Makes Patient Care More Personal and Efficient

Get results by adding IVAs and automation to your patient communication strategy. Five9 makes it easy with our low-code IVA builder, which includes a library pre-configured healthcare tasks for booking appointments, test results, prescription management and more.
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