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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work – Five9 Certified as a Great Place to Work

Coming into my new role at Five9 back in 2019, I had a vision for the organisation. Part of that vision revolved around the people and culture and, ultimately, being certified as a Great Place to Work in the UK. Today, I am proud to announce we have received this certification.


"Great Place to Work UK" certifications are based on different criteria such as core values, a supportive and collaborative culture, overall benefit packages, integrity of the leadership team, as well as other key criteria. Having fun along the way is important as well.


But what makes our team and our company so special? Well, there is a lot to talk about, let me share some of the most important reasons: 


  • Values and Culture: We live our 9 Five9 values – every single day. We are proud of our culture and we bring our values to life each and every day.
  • Teamwork: We are a team that works together, not as silos within the company. While everyone owns their respective part of the business, we encourage and actively get involved in other parts of the business to ensure collaborative success.
  • Communications: Everyone has a voice at Five9, and we encourage active listening. Ideas and perspectives that can help shape strategy can and should come from every part of the business. 
  • Human Connections: Five9 leaders are special in that they are 100% accessible and approachable. Regular meetings with our team members are important to us. Our leaders truly embrace servant leadership and inspire trust and confidence through human connections. 


I am proud that we have achieved the “Great Place to Work” certification in the UK. It means a lot to our team, our local and global leadership and to myself, simply to help validate we are doing the right things for our employees and the company.


When I joined Five9, Nick Delis, our Area Vice President of Eastern US and International, said to me, “Here at Five9, teamwork makes the dream work.” Now 1.5 years on, it’s great to see that truly does ring true every day here at Five9.


Want to learn more? Get in touch with us and learn about the culture and opportunities at Five9.




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