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Grow Trust in Your Brand with Consistency & Predictability

The majority of consumers would rather go to the dentist than call customer support. Shep Hyken explains how to avoid being “the root canal of CX.”

Cowabunga! Five9 is certified on the Now Platform® San Diego Release

ServiceNow recently launched the Now Platform® San Diego release, of which Five9 became certified. Being a San Diego native and Senior Director of our technology alliances at Five9, I was excited to share this excellent news. Benefits of the new Now Platform San Diego release include the ability to add new levels of productivity, automation, and innovation wherever work happens.

Five9 Further Enhances AI Platform to Improve Customer and Agent Engagement

The latest enhancements to Agent Assist and Five9 VoiceStream will help businesses unlock the next wave of business transformation through collaborative intelligence. 

Why Collaborative Intelligence is the Future of Work

Five9 believes that through collaborative intelligence, humans and AI will actively enhance each other’s complementary strengths. Read on to learn more.

Secular tailwind of the pandemic: Picking up the pieces for our Healthcare providers

Thomas John, leader of the International Partner Team for Five9, looks at how IVA technology can transform Healthcare Providers #CX by embracing AI technology.

How Financial Organizations Can Improve the Lending Journey with AI

Friction in complicated buyers' journeys, like home loans, might feel inevitable. But with the right technology, it doesn’t have to be. 

Empowering Patients and Workers in the Next Era of Healthcare

As we emerge from the pandemic, a new empowered workforce has emerged with new supporting technologies to help drive success and enable operational excellence.

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