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I’ve got 99 Problems but CTI ain’t one!

This #CX blog's a 'rap' and he's had a lot of fun, JZ's got 99 Problems but CTI ain’t one! Johnathan Zemlik, Head of Contact Centre Solutions at Wavenet, joins us with the first installment of his new mini-series.

How Client Expectations Have Transformed Systems Integrators

As we move into 2022, Five9 is seeing a new kind of GSI emerge. Companies need a forward-thinking partner capable of responding to this dynamic environment.

How to Identify Operational Roadblocks and Reduce Agent Burnout

Let’s look at some of the top operational roadblocks that can lead to agent burnout and how contact center supervisors can reduce the risk.

New Year, New Expectations: 3 Takeaways to Stay Ahead

Here are 3 key takeaways on how to help stay ahead of new expectations in the new year...

Five9 Knows Business Continuity: Disaster Proof your Contact Center

How can you, a business leader, disaster proof your contact center operations?

First-Gen Series: Embracing Intersectionality

In our lives, it is impossible to ‘be’ only one thing; I am a devoted mother and wife, a loving daughter and sister, an Asian immigrant, a woman of color, a woman with a tech education in Electrical Engineering – a woman who started with little money and plenty of dreams when I moved to the US 23 years ago. The satisfying part about all of the many identities I carry is that I am unique: I am ‘Me’.

3 Ways Five9 Interaction Analytics Provides Insights Across your Voice and Digital Channels

According to the Five9 Customer Service Index 2021, “regardless of age, just over half (51%) of respondents prefer to interact with a company over the phone when contacting a business for general customer service issues.”

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