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Contact Center Resources: Get to Know the Five9 Cloud

The Five9 Intelligent CX Platform provides greater flexibility at a fraction of the cost of on-premise systems. Find out how Five9 can bring joy to your CX.

3 Steps to Smarter, Faster, and Easier COVID-19 Vaccine Communication eBook Screenshot


Distributing the COVID-19 vaccine to consumers is a critical step to overcoming the pandemic. They want to know when, where, and how to get their shots. Consumers have a lot of questions and expect the organizations administering vaccines to provide timely information and services across many different support channels. Effectively communicating with them is a major challenge, but doing it right is important for ending the pandemic, safeguarding consumers, and building loyalty.
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Conversational AI for Retail Service Automation

eBook Conversational AI for Retail Service Automation

Digital marketplaces are recreating retail and driving new consumer expectations that demand relentless innovation.
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Contact Center Outsourcers Playbook 04 eBook Screenshot

eBook Contact Center Outsourcers Playbook 04

The success of your contact center relies on the metrics displayed and shared with key stakeholders. It’s not enough to just say “things are doing great” and move on. Managers must be provided with reports in order to conduct proper analysis of what is working and what isn’t. Share the success and improve upon the issues that have been identified. Read this playbook to learn more!

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Contact Center Outsourcers Playbook 03 eBook Screenshot

eBook Contact Center Outsourcers Playbook 03

Contact center managers are tasked with the challenge of balancing staffing levels while maintaining profitability. You want to ensure your contact center is staffed accordingly to deliver a great customer experience. In order to do so, you must look at ways to improve the workload of your agents and optimize their schedules. Read this playbook to learn more!

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Contact Center Outsourcers Playbook 02 eBook Screenshot

eBook Contact Center Outsourcers Playbook 02

Delivering a great customer experience starts with your agents but, more importantly, how they are trained. Agents must be empowered to succeed and that all starts within your business. When a new agent is hired, it’s important that they are properly onboarded, trained, and coached for continuous development. Read this playbook to learn more!

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Contact Center Outsourcers Playbook 01 eBook Screenshot

eBook Contact Center Outsourcers Playbook 01

Customers today are more demanding than ever and expect nothing less than exceptional customer service when interacting with your business. Agents are on the frontline to deliver brand value and the customer experience starts with them. In addition to having essential tech and people skills, they must also understand how to react and solve complex situations when they face them.

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5 Performance Roadblocks eBook Screenshot

eBook 5 Performance Roadblocks

Many contact centers encounter roadblocks on the road to pursuing operational excellence. Factors like data consolidation, information access, operational visibility, management, and employee engagement often present serious challenges. Five9 Performance Dashboard helps your operation break through theses roadblocks to deliver excellent customer experiences.
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Five9 UC Integration with Zoom Phone Datasheet Screenshot

Datasheet Zoom UC Integration

The Five9 UC Integration with Zoom Phone enables agents to quickly connect with experts, conference them in, or transfer the call directly to answer the customer’s question.

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Datasheet Verint Workforce Optimization screenshot

Datasheet Workforce Optimization by Verint

Five9 Workforce Optimization (WFO) solution is powered by Verint, helping organizations of all sizes reach their strategic goals by providing better insight into one of your most valuable enterprise resources – the contact center.
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Five9 Enterprise Workforce Management

Five9 Enterprise Workforce Management (WFM) provides a powerful tool to strategically manage your workforce in the contact center to ensure maximum productivity while meeting the scheduling needs of your agents.

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Datasheet TCPA Manual Touch Mode

Comply with Dialing Regulations and Dial with Confidence

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Setting Up Your Remote Workforce for Success Datasheet Screenshot

Datasheet Setting Up Your Remote Workforce for Success

The Five9 Intelligent Cloud Contact Center enables you to transition your workforce to any location around the world, including their homes.

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Datasheet RingCentral

Collaboration tools continue to evolve, and the cloud has become an avenue for businesses to select best-of-breed technologies to power their contact centers. With Five9 and RingCentral, agents are empowered to utilize internal subject matter experts (SMEs) across the organization to accelerate resolutions and improve the customer service experience.
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Five9 Professional Services

Five9 Professional Services is a team of trusted advisors committed to your success that provides expert guidance at every step of your journey. They work with you to create a contact center that expertly meets your organization’s specific business requirements while exceeding expectations.

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Datasheet Outbound Cloud Contact Center

The Five9 Outbound Contact Center uses automated dialers to triple your productivity and improve contact ratios. Advanced campaign management and reporting tools make management a breeze.

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Datasheet Oracle Digital Assistant

Five9 supports the Oracle Digital Assistant (ODA) through the Five9 Adapter for Oracle B2B Service and B2C Service solutions. ODA works seamlessly within the Five9 adapter to interpret the user’s intent, automate processes, and deliver contextual responses to a voice or text command.
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Five9 Optimization Services Datasheet Screenshot

Datasheet Optimization Services

Getting your contact center up and running is a great achievement, but it shouldn’t just stop there. It’s not simply a one size fits all model, and there are always areas for improvement. With Five9 Optimization Services you can maximize your contact center investment by finding ways to improve both the agent and customer experience.
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Omnichannel Powered by Five9 Datasheet Screenshot

Datasheet Omnichannel Powered by Five9

The Five9 omnichannel solution helps you empower your agents to deliver a tailored and seamless customer experience on your customers’ channel of choice.

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MPLS Agent Connect

Datasheet MPLS Agent Connect

Don't let your call quality suffer as a result of network congestion. Five9 MPLS Agent Connect provides a private, high-quality network connection between your contact center and the Five9 Cloud.

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RingCentral Datasheet Screenshot

Datasheet Inference Studio VoiceBiometrics

In a world where identity fraud is rampant, protecting your customers’ data and keeping your business data intact from perpetrators is vital. Traditional authentication methods to authenticate customers, such as PINs and passwords, fail to deliver a satisfactory customer experience and strong security measures.
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Five9 Inbound Voice

Datasheet Inbound Cloud Contact Center

Five9 Inbound Voice enables you to provide customers with a more human experience and reach the right outcome faster and more effectively.
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Datasheet Five9 Zendesk Sell

Zendesk Sell works seamlessly within the Five9 Intelligent Cloud Contact Center to eliminate the friction from deal updates so reps and management are always able to access, analyze, and collaborate on relevant deal data.
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