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Contact Center Resources: Get to Know the Five9 Cloud

Five9 Intelligent CX Platform provides greater flexibility at a fraction of the cost of on-premises systems with our contact and call center resources. Find out how Five9 can bring joy to your CX with the AI, workforce management, and other industry resources below.


Obsessing Over Great Customer Experiences

An adequate customer service experience is not enough to stand out. Learn three steps for creating personalized experiences that attract and retain customers.
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Five9 Agent Assist

As interactions become more complex, use Five9 Agent Assist to empower your agents with real-time intelligence and automation, helping them become more effective and easily achieve the best outcomes.

Learn how Five9 Agent Assist can help your agents succeed and stay engaged.

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How to Use AI to Improve Agent and Customer Happiness

Historically, contact center attrition rates have always been higher than other professions due to the repetitive and monotonous nature of the work (around 30-45%.) The great resignation has caused these rates to increase even more over the past few years. So how do we solve for this? 

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Demo Webinar: See Five9 Adapt to Your CRM

7 out of 10 consumers expect companies to know their history regardless of the method of communication. However, 8 out of 10 will stop doing business with a brand after just one bad customer experience. It has never been more crucial to keep up with customer expectations, create personalized experiences and make sure your customers feel known and valued. 

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Nutrisystem Moves to the Cloud and Cuts Technology Costs

Weight loss leader Nutrisystem moved its customer contact center from an on-premises setup to the cloud and almost immediately reduced its technology spending by 15%–20%.
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Max Homa

Swing for the Clouds with Max Homa: How to Stay Cool Under Pressure

Everyone at some point has felt the pressure of work-related stress. Any job can have stressful elements, even if you love what you do. 

Join us for this exclusive webinar with Five9 Brand Ambassador and professional golfer, Max Homa and President of Five9, Dan Burkland, as they sit down for a chat about how to deal with stress and pressure on the golf course and in the workplace.

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Omnichannel Demo

Demo Webinar: Elevate the Conversation with Five9 Digital Engagement

Customers expect to be able to communicate with your brand on any channel they choose. According to the Five9 Customer Service Index, while voice is the channel of choice for many, customer communication preferences are shifting to digital channels faster than ever, with a 26% increase YoY.  According to IDG, 44% of companies that have already moved to a digital-first approach have a leg-up on their competition. 

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Ask the Experts: How Five9 Becomes Part of Your Extended Family

Here at Five9, we take customer experience seriously.  We know that by providing exceptional experiences to our customers, they can provide exceptional experiences to theirs.

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Opus Research EIA

The 2022 Opus Research “Decision Makers’ Guide to Enterprise Intelligent Assistants” presents a comprehensive assessment of 21 enterprise-grade Intelligent Assistant solution providers bringing Conversational AI to support customer care, self-service, employee assistance, messaging and device control.
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Fact Co

The Future of Customer Engagement

During the pandemic customers turned to self-service channels like never before, and companies–inundated with calls, emails and messages–needed to find a way to provide high quality service without burning out employees. This thought-provoking session will explore the future of customer engagement and how AI and other innovations can help companies and workers handle the evolving demands of customers while enhancing their overall experience.
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BISSELL and Five9: A Partnership Built on Trust and Reliability

Razi Sharbaan II, associate director for consumer care at BISSELL, explains why he trusts Five9 as his global contact centers scale and add new capabilities
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The Evolution of Contact Centers in Healthcare

Frost & Sullivan surveyed healthcare decision-makers before and during the pandemic to discover how they managed through the necessary changes impacting patient communications and their workforce. These insights point towards how Healthcare operations will evolve in a post-pandemic world.
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Girl on Phone

How to Use Customer Data to Create Customer Loyalty

Join Five9 CEO, Rowan Trollope, and Executive Vice President, Advertising and Customer Experience of Oracle, Rob Tarkoff, in this live fireside chat moderated by Five9 CMO, Genefa Murphy, as they explore this critical link between customer data and creating exceptional customer experiences.
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Woman on Phone

The Metrics Gap: Your CX Strategy Suffers Without Tracking These Key Metrics

Metrigy CEO and Principal Analyst, Robin Gareiss, and Five9 Chief Marketing Officer, Genefa Murphy, will show you how to obtain and leverage the right metrics to boost customer experience and gain a competitive advantage. Backed by several studies with more than 2,000 IT, CX, and business leaders, Robin will give you real-world advice on what’s making top companies so successful. 
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New Hire

Demo Webinar: New Hire Intelligent Virtual Agent and Virtual Voiceover

Watch this webinar to learn best practices for building conversational IVAs, how businesses are using AI and IVAs in the contact center, and leverage easy-to-create natural-sounding text-to-speech with Five9 Virtual Voiceover.
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Man at Desk

Ask the Experts: How to Implement Practical AI in Your Contact Center

Join Erin Wilson, Director, Technical Marketing at Five9, and Donna Fluss, President of DMG Consulting LLC, to discover the practical ways you can implement AI in your contact center and how to get started.
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Woman on Couch

Demo Webinar: How to Use IVAs to Streamline and Personalize Your FAQ Experience

In this webinar, we will demonstrate three ways a single business can use the Five9 Intelligent Virtual Agent to streamline conversations with: Employees: addressing questions about benefits and open enrollment, customers: going above and beyond the FAQ answer and business partners: delivering a self-service experience on every channel.
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The Future of AI, Automation, and the Voice Experience

In this webinar you’ll hear from Five9 EVP of Product Management, Callan Schebella, AT&T AVP of Voice & Collaboration Kennedy Pereira, and GlobalData Principal Analyst Gary Barton to learn what the Voice Experience is and how Five9 and AT&T are looking to enhance voice technology to create more engaging customer experiences. 
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Just Imagine

Collaborative Intelligence by Five9

Explore what true collaboration between human and artificial intelligence looks like, how to implement AI easily, and how to unlock data you already have.
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Frost Radar EMEA

Frost Radar™: European Contact Centre as a Service Market, 2021

Frost & Sullivan benchmarking report identifies the top enterprise cloud contact center providers in EMEA
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Infographic: Five9 Reports Financial Results for Q1 2022

Infographic: Five9 Reports Financial Results for Q1 2022

Five9 signed one of the largest companies in the world in the first quarter of 2022, rolling out tens of thousands of seats with anticipated ARR of over $40 million in software subscription alone.
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Pilot Freight Case Study

Pilot Freight Services knew they needed to automate its contact center and added IVA to provide a smooth path to resolve routine requests. Read on to learn more about Pilot Freight’s success with Five9.
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The Aragon Research Globe™ for Intelligent Contact Centers, 2021

Aragon Research releases its third Aragon Research GlobeTM for intelligent contact centers (ICCs). The ICC market is in the midst of consolidation as the demand for contact centers has grown during the pandemic. As digital labor continues to grow, the 15 major vendors in this report are offering different levels of virtual agent capabilities.

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The Aragon Research Globe™ for Conversational AI, 2021

Aragon’s first Aragon Research GlobeTM for Conversational AI examines 22 major providers in a market category that is growing at a very fast rate. The increasing maturity and innovation in artificial intelligence (AI) software and the evolution of GPU and neural processing hardware is powering the growth of conversational AI solutions.

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Conversational AI: How Smart Is Your Virtual Agent?

Conversational AI: How Smart is Your Virtual Agent?
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Five9 Gamification

It’s challenging to connect with your team when many are working remotely. Increase agent engagement by creating an environment of healthy competition, transparency, and high performance with Five9 Gamification.

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Five9 Datasheet Language Support

Intelligent Virtual Agent Supported Languages

Five9 Intelligent Virtual Agent enables brands to serve more customers across global geographies with a vast array of language support for natural language processing, speech recognition, and text-to-speech capabilities.
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increase business agility

Increase Business Agility with Cloud CRM Integrations

Improve agent efficiency and increase ROI utilizing a single, intuitive user interface to provide greater customer satisfaction in real-time with an optimized integration between Five9 and leading CRM platforms.
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Meeting Employee Expectations

No matter what size organization or industry, contact centers face massive shifts in employee expectations. By providing employees with flexibility, seamless cloud technology, and opportunities for advancement, contact centers can exceed rising employee expectations.
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Mobile Visual IVR Abstract

Deliver Exceptional Experiences to On-the-Go Customers

Cater to your customers with features like visual IVR, estimated wait times, callback options, and surveys. View an in-depth demo video of the integration.

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Aragon Research Globe for Conversational AI, 2021 Thumbnail

Aragon Names Five9 a Market Leader in IVA

Opus Research Decision Makers' Guide to Enterprise Intelligent Assistants
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Guy looking at ipad

Blended Inbound Outbound Call Center Demo

Got two minutes? This video shows how an AI-enabled Five9 digital workforce capably handles customer calls via phone, chat, or SMS, while also assisting and guiding agents. See what we mean when we say, “Reimagine customer experience and realize results.”

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Five9 Case Study Lake County

Lake County Case Study

Established in 1956 as a state-certified public health department, the Lake County Health Department and Community Health Center of Lake County, Illinois manages an estimated budget of $70 million for 52 separately funded programs. The Lake County Health Department was using an on-premises contact center system and was in the initial stages of a five-year digital transformation strategy. However, when the pandemic hit, overnight, staff was sent home and due to the sudden spike in call volumes during the onset of the pandemic, they needed to implement the solution within 48 hours.
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Five9 Cloud Is Ready for Your Avaya Contact Center

With premises-based options having reached full maturity, are you ready to make the move to a cloud contact center to improve your operations and provide exceptional customer experiences?

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That's Genius! podcast

[PODCAST] Why AI is Overhyped, But Underused w/ Brian Atkinson

Everyone’s got that buzz-term that they’re sick of. That they’d be fine if they never heard again. On a recent episode of the That’s Genius! podcast, Brian Atkinson talked about his role in the EMEA marketplace, partner ecosystems, and shared his least favorite buzz term. What was it?
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[PODCAST] 3 Trends to Watch in the Travel Personalization Industry w/ Mark Jordan and Richard Crowther

With our modern on-demand mentality, it’s sometimes difficult for travel websites or apps to give us exactly what we want. As travel service providers, we want to customize the user’s experience as much as possible, but also keep the cost down.
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[PODCAST] What You Need to Know About Latin America’s Cloud Technology Landscape w/ Raphael Spinelli

Latin American countries tend to be 4 or 5 years behind developed regions in adopting new technology. Nonetheless, there is a growing interest in improving customer experience through cloud services. Raphael Spinelli, CEO of Optimi Solutions, fills us in on the current landscape of cloud tech in Latin American countries.
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[PODCAST] Why You Should Consider a Customer Advocacy Program w/ Cindy Seto

What exactly is customer advocacy? It can be a little difficult to define.
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That's Genius! with Ryan Kam

[PODCAST] Everything You Need to Know About Continuous Release Marketing w/ Ryan Kam

“What was true six months ago, is no longer true today.” Isn’t that the truth. Modern marketers can no longer depend on specializing in one discipline. You have to understand every touchpoint in the customer’s journey to be really successful.
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That's Genius! podcast

[PODCAST] Why It’s Time to Get Serious About the Customer Experience w/ Nitin Badjatia

What’s your most standout “customer experience” experience? Maybe you think of a fantastic interaction you had with a company. One where they went above and beyond. But more than likely, you think of a time when you were drug over the coals. Given the runaround.
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[PODCAST] Getting Real with the Five9 Summer Interns

Deep in the trenches of getting their degrees, and ready to prove themselves, today’s interns run the gamut when it comes to backgrounds and roles. While I can’t speak to what intern life is like at Dunder Mifflin, or any other company, our most recent episode of the That’s Genius! podcast features 3 of our summer interns.
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[PODCAST] Debunking Myths About Migrating to the Cloud w/ Patrick Watson

What’s the #1 reason why you haven’t moved to the cloud? It’s different? It’s scary? It’s a lot of work?
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That's Genius! Podcast

[PODCAST] You're Deploying AI Wrong and Here's How to Fix It w/ Rowan Trollope and Jonathan Rosenberg Pt. 3

Join us for Pt. 3 of our conversation with Five9 CEO, Rowan Trollope, and Five9 CTO and Head of AI, Jonathan Rosenberg, on That's Genius.
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That's Genius! Podcast

[PODCAST] You’re Deploying AI Wrong and How to Fix It Pt. 2 w/ Rowan Trollope and Jonathan Rosenberg

A contact center agent that has these two superpowers: They know all the answers AND don’t have to do any typing.
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That's Genius! Podcast with Rowan Trollope and Jonathan Rosenberg

[PODCAST] You’re Deploying AI Wrong and Here’s How to Fix It Pt. 1 w/ Rowan Trollope and Jonathan Rosenberg

Rowan Trollope, our CEO at Five9, and Jonathan Rosenberg, CTO and Head of AI, came on this week’s episode of That’s Genius!, and here’s what they said: Think about how you can strategically place AI to be helpful instead of just inaccurate.
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Rowan Trollope on That's Genius!

[PODCAST] How the Contact Center is Poised to Change in the Next Five Years, Pt. 3

Check out more of Rowan Trollope's thoughts on the intersection of AI and humans in contact centers by listening to the latest episode of That’s Genius!
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That's Genius! Podcast

[PODCAST] Why Contact Centers are Choosing Cloud Technology for Scalability, Stability, and Unparalleled Customer Experience

Consider a retailer, like Nordstrom. They'll let you return an item, no questions asked. That level of customer experience is pretty unique.
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That's Genius! Podcast

[PODCAST] Unleash Your Contact Center Data and Unleash Extraordinary Customer Experience

Contact centers are a wealth of data. But unfortunately, they're not always utilized that way. And more importantly, those insights are rarely used to deliver a great customer experience.
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