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Contact Center Resources: Get to Know the Five9 Cloud

The Five9 Intelligent CX Platform provides greater flexibility at a fraction of the cost of on-premise systems. Find out how Five9 can bring joy to your CX.

Technologically Brilliant

Technologically Brilliant Case Study

TBI is a leading third-party technology distributor. TBI started using Five9 when the company needed an auto-dial system to handle outbound telesales calls. TBI was dealing with the costly and inefficient process of storing all call recordings and Five9 offered the perfect solution.
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Stratasys Case Study

Stratasys, Ltd. is an American-Israeli manufacturer of 3D printers and 3D production systems for rapid prototyping and direct digital manufacturing solutions. Many of the global leaders are customers of Stratasys and have high expectations for customer service. Stratasys moved to the cloud with Five9 to provide the best service possible to its customers and resellers.
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Roundpoint Case Study Screenshot

Roundpoint Case Study

Receiving over 570,000 calls a month, RoundPoint Mortgage is one of the nation’s largest, fully integrated, non-bank mortgage servicing companies with offices located in Fort Mill, SC and Dallas, TX. RoundPoint moved to the cloud from its on premises contact center solution to provide “white glove services” to customers.
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RIT Case Study

Founded in 1829 and internationally recognized, Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) has more than 15,000 undergraduate and 3,000 graduate students in nine colleges. RIT wanted to improve its customer service experience and was in the process of transitioning the information and technology services (ITS) to a one-stop shop where it could provide a rich campus experience.
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Regent University Case Study Screenshot

Regent University Case Study

Regent University wanted to improve its communications channels and scale to meet growth goals. With Five9, they were able to move to the cloud with ease and scale on demand, enable an omnichannel experience so students could interact on their channel of choice and leverage workforce management and workforce optimization to improve agent scheduling and efficiency.

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Public Partnerships Works from Home with Five9

Public Partnerships PPL Case Study

Public Partnerships supports individuals with disabilities or chronic illnesses and aging adults to “self-direct” their own long-term homecare. Public Partnerships was using an on premises solution that was unable to handle the increase in call volume and needed to find a solution that could quickly adapt to the growth it was facing.
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Pizza Hut Case Study Screenshot

Pizzahut Case Study

Pizza Hut Australia operates approximately 270 restaurants in Australia, all linked via a single phone number that fields more than 3,000 calls each day. Call routing is a critical function of Pizza Hut Australia’s business model. But the company’s legacy system wasn’t delivering. The fragmented legacy system was cumbersome and provided limited visibility into the customer experience. The Pizza Hut Australia team considered updating its legacy call-steering system but chose to build a new solution using the Five9 Intelligent Virtual Agent (IVA) platform.
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PAR Case Study Screenshot

PAR Tech Case Study

PAR Technology is a technology company that provides point of sale (POS) hardware and software to restaurants, retailers worldwide. As PAR moved to the cloud away from their on premises solution, they needed a unified communications as a service (UCaaS) system and cloud contact center as a service(CCaaS) provider so that they could easily collaborate across the organization. Implementing the Agent Expert Consultation feature, agents can connect with Zoom phone users throughout the organization. Creating a better first call resolution for their customers.
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NJ 2211 Case Study Screenshot

NJ 2-1-1 Case Study

NJ 211 is a statewide network of local 211 information and referral providers for New Jersey. The organization needed work-from- home capabilities, the flexibility to scale, and a cloud contact center solution with web capabilities.
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NexRep case study cover

NexRep Case Study

Learn how NexRep operates outsourced full-service call centers that provide multichannel customer service and direct response sales for hundreds of enterprise companies across multiple industries. For more than 16 years, NexRep has turned to Five9 to power its technology transformation.
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Five9 and Linear Financial

Linear Case Study

Linear Financial Technologies (Linear) is a fast-growing fintech company that enables digital loan originations and servicing for credit cards, loans, and deposit accounts. They sought a solution that would provide reporting functionality, real-time visibility, an enhanced customer experience, better informed agents, and a fully remote workforce.
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KAR Case Study Screenshot

KAR Case Study

Receiving over 570,000 calls a month, RoundPoint Mortgage is one of the nation's largest, fully integrated, non-bank mortgage servicing companies with offices located in Fort Mill, SC and Dallas, TX. RoundPoint moved to the cloud from its on premises contact center solution to provide white glove services to customers.
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Jackson Hewitt Case Study Screenshot

Jackson Hewitt Case Study

Read the case study to learn how Jackson Hewitt was able to scale quickly, improve agent performance, and effectively coach agents, forecast staffing during volume spikes, and provide transparency into agent activities and leverage data to improve the customer experience.
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ICON CAse Study Screenshot

ICON Case Study

ICON Communications Centres is a multilingual BPO based in Prague. Specializing in business specific contact center services providing technical support, sales and customer care services for their clients. ICON was seeing disparate systems as they onboarded clients, and they needed a solution that would fulfill the needs of their client base and provide the ability to customize IVR, provide detailed reporting and increase necessary integrations.
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Ian Williams

Ian Williams Case Study

Ian Williams is one of the largest privately-owned property services companies in the UK, specializing in the social housing, education, and commercial sectors. The contact center is the “shop window” of the company and plays a pivotal role in the daily provision of services to its customers. Ian Williams was burdened with a legacy system that no longer met the needs of the business and wanted to move to a cloud contact center solution that could integrate with its job management system, ensure business continuity, provide robust reporting, and deliver an exceptional customer experience.
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Five9 Contact Center Success Story - Hoglund

Hoglund Case Study

Hoglund handles over 6,000 net new calls on a daily basis and realized they would not be able to handle the call flow. Streamlining the contact center experience Hoglund moved the entire office to Five9 with amazing results within months of deployment.
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Guardian Protection Screenshot

Guardian Protection Case Study

Guardian Protection Products is a leader in the furniture protection industry. The company provides a broad range of high-quality furniture protection products, plans, and repair services. Guardian needed a reliable cloud contact center provider that could help empower the company to optimize its customer service operations.
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Gonzaba Case Study Screenshot

Gonzaba Case Study

Gonzaba Medical Group (GMG) had a problem. Patients of the healthcare provider, which has delivered comprehensive services in the San Antonio region for over 60 years, had to wait on hold for extended periods of time when they needed assistance. GMG also had challenges with its on premises legacy system and wanted to improve the efficiency of its contact center operations.
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Five9 Case Study ConnectWise

Connectwise Case Study

ConnectWise empowers technology solution providers to succeed with software, services, and integrations. ConnectWise Assist offers white-labeled help desk services with highly skilled technicians responding to approximately 40,000 interactions every month.
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CARFAX Success Story Screenshot

CARFAX Case Study

Salesforce plays a major role in enabling agents in CARFAX’s contact center to understand a customer’s identity and history with the organization. But without a strong integration between the contact center and Salesforce, CARFAX agents were manually tasked with working between two systems that did not talk to each other. This led to unnecessary delays in responding to customers and often an incomplete view of the customer.
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Bakkt Case Study

Bakkt raises the Bar for Customer Experience Bakkt enables consumers and institutions to buy, sell, store, and spend digital assets on a seamless global network. The company receives over 17,000 calls a month at its two contact centers located in Arizona and Georgia. Bakkt knew it needed a reliable solution that would enable the company to streamline the scheduling and quality assurance processes.
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Five9 Contact Center Success Story - Alivi

Alivi Case Study

Alivi provides solutions for healthcare organizations to have access to technology platforms and advisory services that help health plans and providers focus on creating a tailored care strategy for members while managing costs. They offer solutions for non-emergency medical transportation, ancillary and supplemental benefits, and healthcare administration. Alivi’s weekly call volume could range anywhere from 100 to 40,000 calls a week, which was taxing for their previous on-prem solution.
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Five9 for Retail Brief Screenshot

Five9 for Retail

As a trusted partner to retailers, Five9 can help transform your contact center into the new front door of your business. The Five9 Intelligent Cloud Contact Center provides contact center solutions that deliver personalized omnichannel engagement, remote workforce optimization, and innovative uses of AI and workflow automation. With Five9, you can meet your customers’ expectations and provide them with exceptional experiences.
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Healthcare Industry Solution Brief Screenshot

Five9 for Healthcare

Five9 is a trusted partner to healthcare providers, insurance providers, and medical companies to help extend and deepen the continuum of care with innovative communications solutions for exceptional patient and member support.
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Five9 Solution Overview

The Five9 Intelligent Cloud Contact Center is helping transform the contact center to be the front door of your business to ensure that every customer interaction provides an extraordinary customer experience.
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Five9 Five9 Intelligent Virtual Agent for Healthcare Screenshot

Five9 IVA for Healthcare

Providing a seamless customer experience has never been more important for healthcare institutions. Consumers expect 24/7 access, responsive service, and plenty of options for managing their accounts. They also increasingly prefer organizations that leverage emerging technologies to make it easier to do business with them.
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Five9 Five9 Intelligent Virtual Agent for Financial Services Screenshot

Five9 IVA for Financial Services

Providing a simple, seamless customer experience has never been more important for financial institutions. Consumers expect 24/7 access, responsive service, and plenty of options for managing their accounts. They also increasingly prefer organizations that leverage emerging technologies to make it easier to do business with them.
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Five9 Certified Caller (STIR/SHAKEN) Datasheet Thumbnail

Five9 Certified Caller

With the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the United States taking action to protect against robocalls, Five9 is taking a leadership position to ensure Five9 customers can confidently and securely make outbound calls.
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Five9 for Financial Services Brief Screenshot

Five9 for Financial Services

Five9 is a trusted partner to financial services organizations to help meet customers’ expectations during their financial journey and provide innovative communications solutions. The Five9 Intelligent Cloud Contact Center empowers your business to rapidly and cost-effectively deliver the communication experiences your customers want with superior omnichannel, artificial intelligence (AI), and deep integration capabilities.
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Five9 COVID Solution Brief Screenshot

Five9 Helps COVID-19 Vaccine Communication

COVID-19 is a global pandemic and a national crisis. But the response is delivered at the community level, and communication is key.
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Five9 NexRep - Trust

Teddy Liaw, CEO of NexRep, describes his company’s partnership with Five9, his biggest technology challenges, and why he trusts the Five9 team to deliver.
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Now More Than Ever it is Time to Move Your Enterprise Contact Center to the Cloud

Whitepaper Time to Move Your Enterprise Contact Center to the Cloud

Most businesses know that providing the type of exceptional experiences today’s customers expect requires migrating to the cloud due to the many benefits cloud contact centers offer. But moving your contact center to the cloud is a big decision that requires considerable due diligence. This whitepaper is designed to help evaluate your current contact center and determine whether now is the right time to move to the cloud.
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The Future is Now: Creating an Intelligent Cloud Contact Center to Deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences

Whitepaper The Future is Now Creating an Intelligent Cloud Contact Center to Deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences

An intelligent cloud contact center allows you to unlock customer insights and intelligence, making it possible to deliver extraordinary experiences your customers will love.

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Whitepaper Five9 Cloud is Ready for Your Cisco Contact Center

Cisco Contact Center Enterprise and Express users are in good hands with Five9. We have many former Cisco leadership and technical staff who bring the experience necessary for Five9 to offer its Liftoff program to smooth that transition.

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State and Local Governments Whitepaper Screenshot

Whitepaper State And Local Governments

Discover how a modern cloud contact center helps state and local governments meet citizen expectations under ordinary circumstances and when the next disaster strikes.

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DMG Consulting Self-Service Maturity Model Whitepaper Screenshot

Whitepaper Self Service Maturity Model

The most sophisticated self-service is provided by a relatively new IT sector called Intelligent Virtual Agents (IVAs).
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Reimagining the Contact Center for Financial Services Whitepaper Screenshot

Whitepaper Reimagining The Contact Center For Financial services

As intelligent cloud contact centers increasingly take center stage for their ability to deliver more connected customer experiences, now’s the time to reimagine the possibilities of your contact center so you can take your customer service to the next level.

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Next Generation Retail Contact Centers Whitepaper Screenshot

Whitepaper Next Generation Retail Contact Centers

Read this white paper to learn what today’s retail customers expect when they contact customer service, the challenges of delivering modern customer experiences, and how Under Armour moved to the cloud and achieved over $1 million savings in call reduction.

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Maintain Business Continuity With the Five9 Intelligent Cloud Contact Center

This whitepaper is designed to help your evaluate how the Five9 Intelligent Cloud Contact Center can help maintain and fit into your current or developing business continuity plan. After reading this, you will have an understanding of how Five9 delivers the most trusted and reliable cloud contact center in the industry.

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Intelligent Automation in Contact Centers Whitepaper Screenshot

Whitepaper Intelligent Automation Whitepaper

An important goal for most companies is to automate as many of the incoming and outgoing interactions as possible to free up agents to provide value where they are most needed.
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How Higher Education Can Provide Unparalleled Service During a Crisis and Beyond Whitepaper Screenshot

Whitepaper How Higher Education Can Provide Unparalleled Service During a Crisis and Beyond

Read this whitepaper to learn how the right cloud contact center solution helped higher education institutions maintain business continuity and agility during the crisis and be equipped to deliver exceptional service for students any time, every time.
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Healthcare Anywhere Whitepaper Screenshot

Whitepaper Healthcare Anywhere

If the disruption caught your organization off guard and you were unable to provide the type of communication experiences and level of care today’s patients and members expect, now’s the time to migrate to the cloud so you can deliver healthcare anywhere, anytime.

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The Five9 WFO Whitepaper Screenshot

Whitepaper Five9 WFO

As you move to the cloud and explore how to improve your contact center’s operations, it’s important to understand how the right workforce optimization (WFO) suite can help you optimize employee performance, decrease operating costs, and increase customer satisfaction. WFO makes everyone’s jobs easier by delivering insights that show practical ways to improve performance and consistently achieve your goals.
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The Five9 Intelligent Virtual Agent Whitepaper Screenshot

Whitepaper Five9 Intelligent Virtual Agent

Intelligent virtual agents (IVAs) automate routine and repetitive conversations handled by live agents, freeing agents to provide value on complex issues and empowering customers to quickly get the answers they need. IVAs can help your contact center use automation in an intelligent way to deliver the service your customers want and in a way that your business can support and deliver.
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The Five9 Guide to First Contact Resolution Whitepaper Screenshot

Whitepaper Five9 Guide to First Contact Resolution

First contact resolution (FCR) is a crucial metric for customer satisfaction. One of the main ways customers evaluate positive experiences with businesses is their ability to resolve an issue the first time they connect with customer service. Improving FCR in your contact center can help differentiate your business, drive revenues, and increase customer loyalty.
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The Five9 Guide to Capacity Planning Whitepaper Screenshot

Mastering Capacity Planning with the Five9 Guide

Calculating the right balance between contact volumes and staff coverage can be one of the most daunting tasks in the contact center. Optimal capacity planning involves staffing the appropriate number of agents with the right skills based on your contact volumes, average handling time, service hours, shrinkage, occupancy, and other factors. Read this white paper to learn how leveraging the right tools and strategies can enable you to reduce wait times, streamline customer service operations, and boost your bottom line.
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The Five9 Virtual Assist Whitepaper Screenshot

Whitepaper Five9 Agent Assist

Practical AI provides real, down to earth solutions that are easy to implement and use, and deliver exceptional ROI regardless of the business or industry you’re in. This white paper explores what agent assistance technology can do for your business and how it can help you make the most of every customer interaction in your contact center. You’ll learn how practical AI enables you to lower costs, improve efficiency, and deliver extraordinary customer experiences that inspire customer loyalty.
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