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Contact Center Resources: Get to Know the Five9 Cloud

The Five9 Intelligent CX Platform provides greater flexibility at a fraction of the cost of on-premises systems with our contact and call center resources. Find out how Five9 can bring joy to your CX.


Five9 Workforce Optimization

With Five9 WFO, you can manage your contact center more effectively, streamline your operations, and deliver exceptional customer experiences with powerful tools. Read this data sheet to learn more.
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Streamline Operations with Five9 Workflow Automation

Five9 Workflow Automation aggregates information, provides comprehensive views of data and performance, and automates sophisticated, cross-platform workflows and reactions based on the data and events being aggregated.
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Five9 WFO Recording Data Protection

The Five9 WFO solution has a powerful protective layer of security that prevents exposure of valuable customer data. It supports efforts to meet regulatory compliance concerns and data privacy standards. 

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Five9 Virtual Voice Over

Five9 Virtual Voiceover

Five9 Virtual Voiceover enables you to generate lifelike text-to-speech on the fly, significantly reducing the time and expense of producing high-quality voiceovers for intelligent virtual agents (IVAs).
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IVA Five9 Data

Five9 Virtual Assistant

Five9 AI takes advantage of the latest technology to allow organizations to automate interactions with customers via Five9 Virtual Assistant and help agents deliver a more human experience.

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Five9 Video

Five9 Video enables customers to use their mobile device to share what they’re seeing with an agent who can quickly diagnose the problem, annotate the video feed, and guide them to the solution in real time. 

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Five9 Supervisor Plus

Five9’s Supervisor Plus gives supervisors access to real-time data and the ability to customize their experience, making it easier to monitor and motivate staff and manage contact center resources.

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Five9 Secure Payment Capture

In addition to being essential for fielding service questions, contact centers must also securely handle protected personal information (PPI), payment card information (PCI), and additional regulated data. As data protection and security standards continue to evolve, organizations must figure out ways to capture payment information to help customers while also staying compliant to avoid large fines. 

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Five9 Reporting

The reporting data sheet provides an overview of the Five9 historical and real-time reporting and monitoring capabilities.
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Five9 Proactive Notification Datasheet Screenshot

Five9 Proactive Notification

Five9 Proactive Notification, powered by Five9 Workflow Automation, automates omnichannel outbound communication to help your business create exceptional customer experiences.

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Five9 Performance Dashboard

Five9 Performance Dashboard aligns goals, increases performance transparency and alignment, and fosters collaboration to instill a culture of high performance and accountability. Download the whitepaper today to learn more.

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Five9 Operational Intelligence Datasheet Screenshot

Five9 Operational Intelligence

Five9 Operational Intelligence, powered by Five9 Workflow Automation, automatically aggregates information in real time using a library of pre-built connections to CRM, service management, order entry, billing, and other popular business systems.
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Five9 Liftoff for Genesys PureConnect

Overcome the end of support for Genesys PureConnect by easily moving to the cloud to provide a better experience for agents and customers alike.

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Five9 Liftoff for Cisco Users

The Five9 Liftoff for Cisco program offers Contact Center Enterprise and Express users a series of capabilities to ease the transition from on premises systems to Five9. 

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Data_Sheet_ Five9_Interaction_Analytics

Five9 Interaction Analytics

Five9 Interaction Analytics enables you to evaluate 100 percent of your calls to identify customer behaviors and interest in your products or services.
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Five9 Intelligent Virtual Agent

Five9 AI takes advantage of the latest technology to allow organizations to automate interactions with customers via Five9 Intelligent Virtual Agent and help agents deliver a more human experience.
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Five9 Inference Studio Task Library Datasheet Screenshot

Five9 Inference Studio Task Library

The Five9 Inference Studio Task Library makes it easy to create ready-to-use intelligent virtual agents (IVAs) that can perform common user self-service tasks.
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Five9 and Google CCAI

Five9 and Google CCAI

Use the combined capabilities of Five9 AI-powered solutions and Google Contact Center AI (CCAI) to dramatically improve customer and agent experiences. Five9 solutions harness the power of Google conversational AI and add an abstraction layer, allowing non-technical users to easily create AI-enabled interaction flows and engagement journeys.
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Five9 Global Voice

Five9 Global Voice makes it easier and more desirable than ever for enterprises to move their contact center infrastructure to the cloud. Use it to deliver extraordinary customer experiences anywhere in the world with carrier grade voice quality.

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Five9 Gamification

It can seem difficult to strike a balance between high performance and high agent engagement. Use Five9 Gamification to drive results while keeping your agents engaged no matter where they work.
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Five9 FastTrack Deployment Datasheet Screenshot

Five9 FastTrack Program

Accelerate remote agent deployment in emergency situations

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Five9 Essentials Workforce Management

Five9 Essentials Workforce Management (WFM) is a powerful solution that meets all of the essential needs of a WFM deployment.
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Five9 Essentials Quality Management

Five9 Essentials Quality Management (QM) is a powerful solution that meets all of the essential needs of a QM deployment.
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Five9 Engagement Workflow Datasheet Screenshot

Five9 Engagement Workflow

Five9 Engagement Workflow makes it easy to collect and leverage important data and understand customer intent, helping you deliver a service experience tailored to each customer’s needs. Improve self-service, customer engagement, and agent productivity by using this powerful tool.

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Five9 Digital Outreach Datasheet

Five9 Digital Outreach

Five9 Digital Outreach increase results for your outbound campaigns and improves customer satisfaction.

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Digital Engagement Data Sheet

Five9 Digital Engagement

Five9 Digital Engagement seamlessly integrates with Five9 Voice to create extraordinary digital-first omnichannel experiences for your customers.
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Five9 Agent Assist

Five9 Agent Assist empowers live agents with AI-powered real-time assistance and automation, driving more efficient and productive customer conversations, improved agent satisfaction, and better business outcomes.
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Five9 Adapter for ServiceNow Data Sheet

Five9 Adapter for ServiceNow

Engage with customers through voice, email, and chat – all within a single ServiceNow desktop. 

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Five9 Adapter for Salesforce Data Sheet

Five9 Adapter for Salesforce

Engaging with customers is more important than ever, especially the ability to do so through an omnichannel experience. The Five9 Adapter for Salesforce allows you to deliver a more human customer service experience though a single-pane customer service and sales platform.

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Five9 Adapter for Oracle NetSuite

The Five9 Adapter for Oracle NetSuite enables your sales and services in a single environment to handle customer interactions and deliver a more human experience. 

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Five9 Adapter for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Data Sheet

Five9 Adapter for Microsoft Dynamics 365

With the Five9 Adapter for Microsoft Dynamics 365, your agents are given the insights they need to accelerate your customers’ journey to the right outcome as quickly as possible.

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Digital Workforce Datasheet Screenshot

Digital Workforce Powered by Conversational AI

It’s getting more common – and easier – for companies to build and launch IVAs that leverage advanced speech technologies to deliver conversational self-service.
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CRM Overview

Integrate your CRM system with the Five9 cloud contact center solution to deliver better customer experiences while optimizing your business processes.
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Data_Sheet_ Five9_Enterprise_Quality Management

Five9 Enterprise Quality Management

Streamline the quality management process. Reduce risk and human bias while increasing agent performance.

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Five9 Blended Contact Center

The Five9 Blended Contact Center allows agents to move easily between both inbound queues and outbound calling lists. Blended components work together on our cloud platform as a single system, eliminating the gap between inbound ACD functionality and outbound dialers. CTI and CRM capabilities are integrated to provide a seamless solution for both your agents and customers.
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Five9_DataSheet_Five9_Agent_Desktop _Plus_r2

Five9 Agent Desktop Plus

With Five9 Agent Desktop Plus, agents are equipped to provide more personalized customer service by understanding customers’ journey and history prior to their current interaction, while meeting them on their channel of choice.

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10 Tips for Engaging New Work-At-Home Agents Datasheet Screenshot

10 Tips for Engaging New Work-At-Home Agents

Cloud contact center as a service (CCaaS) solutions offer the unique capability to quickly enable your agents to work remotely if needed. Studies have shown that agent engagement is directly related to customer experience.
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Zevas Case Study Screenshot

Zevas Case Study

Using multiple channels to communicate with customers Zevas agents can communicate with customers by customer preference.
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Five9 Contact Center Success Story - Ygrene

Ygrene Case Study

Ygrene provides residential and commercial property owners with access to affordable financing for energy-efficient, renewable energy, water conservation, and natural disaster protection improvements. An alternative to traditional options, approval is based primarily on property equity and is repaid through property taxes. To better serve its customers, Ygrene had reached the decision to migrate from a cloud platform to one that would improve uptime and provide out-of-the-box features that include interactive voice response (IVR) and intelligent virtual agent (IVA).

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WorkConnect Case Study Screenshot

WorkConnect Case Study

As Work Connect Project (WCP) was building out its mission to help hourly waged employees in need of emergency funding and job opportunities during the COVID-19 pandemic, the organization realized that it needed a cloud contact center as a service (CCaaS) provider to easily collaborate since everyone worked remotely. WCP selected Five9 due to its ability to rapidly deploy, scale as needed, and handle high call volumes.

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case study

Vibrant Case Study

Vibrant Credit Union serves more than 50,000 members across the United States with 26,000+ calls and 800+ chats a month. Headquartered in the Quad Cities region of Illinois, Vibrant provides members nationwide with personal and business banking, investments, auto loans, and mortgages. Vibrant decided it needed to change its existing cloud contact center and phone providers after losing confidence in its previous vendor after many challenges.

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university goes remote

University of Akron Case Study

During the pandemic university employees were forced to work remotely, and this transition impacted the IT help desk that handles remote tickets for students. Read the case study to learn how the University of Akron quickly moved its contact center to the cloud so it could remotely support students.
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Truconnect Case Study

TruConnect is an American mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that sells mobile hotspots, smartphones, mobile data plans, and prepaid cell phone talk and text plans on the T-Mobile network.
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teladoc health leverages agent assist to improve efficiency and call quality

Teladoc Case Study

Teladoc Health is a telemedicine company that uses telephone and video conferencing technology to provide on-demand remote medical care via mobile devices, the Internet, video and phone. Over 50 million members connect within minutes to Teladoc’s network. Teladoc has multiple service centers in various countries with contact center employees operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week handling over 2M+ calls annually.
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Roundpoint Case Study

Receiving over 570,000 calls a month, RoundPoint Mortgage is one of the nation’s largest, fully integrated, non-bank mortgage servicing companies with offices located in Fort Mill, SC and Dallas, TX. RoundPoint moved to the cloud from its on premises contact center solution to provide “white glove services” to customers.
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RIT Case Study

Founded in 1829 and internationally recognized, Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) has more than 15,000 undergraduate and 3,000 graduate students in nine colleges. RIT wanted to improve its customer service experience and was in the process of transitioning the information and technology services (ITS) to a one-stop shop where it could provide a rich campus experience.
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Regent University Case Study

Regent University wanted to improve its communications channels and scale to meet growth goals. With Five9, they were able to move to the cloud with ease and scale on demand, enable an omnichannel experience so students could interact on their channel of choice and leverage workforce management and workforce optimization to improve agent scheduling and efficiency.

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NJ 2-1-1 Case Study

NJ 211 is a statewide network of local 211 information and referral providers for New Jersey. The organization needed work-from- home capabilities, the flexibility to scale, and a cloud contact center solution with web capabilities.
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