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Contact Center Resources: Get to Know the Five9 Cloud

Five9’s cloud contact center solution provides greater flexibility at a fraction of the cost of on-premise systems. Find out how Five9 can activate your business.

Retail customer

Five9 Transforms Business in the Retail Space

Retail companies around the world elevate their contact centers by moving to the cloud seamlessly with Five9. As these case studies show, Five9 leads the way to better CX while also creating a one-of-a-kind partnership.
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CI Demo

Fluid Customer Experience Powered by the Five9 Collaborative Intelligence Platform

When customers contact their favorite brands, they expect a seamless and effortless experience across self-service, digital, and voice. But many times, customers are made to jump through hoops to complete their journey. As a result, the customer experience is often disjointed and fragmented across various touchpoints, leaving them frustrated and leaving your brand in a negative light.   

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FR ent ccc

Frost Radar™ Report Names Five9 a Leader

Frost & Sullivan named Five9 as an Innovation and Growth Leader in the North American Enterprise Cloud Contact Center Market for 2022. The report notes Five9 strengths such as AI advancements and partner enablement.
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Five9 Analytics

Unlock the business value of your data. Tailored to the unique needs of contact centers, Five9 Analytics enables you to discover improvement opportunities so you can optimize performance quickly and easily.
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Five9 Number Reputation Management

Five9 Number Reputation Management

Improve call answer rates and increase customer trust by identifying and correcting outbound numbers that are incorrectly labeled as spam or a scam.
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Aragon Research Names Five9 a Leader

Aragon Research Globe™ for the Intelligent Contact Center 2022 report ranks Five9 as a leader based on its omnichannel support, Salesforce integration, and the strength of its conversational AI capabilities.
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Five9 Reports Financial Results for Q3 2022

Five9 reported strong third-quarter results, with revenue growth of 29% YoY. Get insights on the three main drivers for our business, specifically the strength of our platform, our continued focus up-market, and the acceleration of our international presence.
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Datasheet Five9 Adapter for Zendesk

With the Five9 Adapter for Zendesk, you can digitally transform your service organization and deliver a world-class experience for every customer interaction.

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Five9 IVA in Action: Appointment Scheduling

Use intelligent virtual agents to handle common healthcare consumer requests. While you can’t use an IVA for every request, using a virtual assistant for tasks such as setting appointments can help reduce the workload of your front-line agents.
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Five9 IVA in Action: Pharmacy Refill

Use a virtual agent to handle routine patient call-in requests to help your staff stay efficient and flexible. See how Five9 IVA handles a patient’s refill request, schedules an appointment, and answers common questions.
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The Total Economic Impact™ of Five9: Moving to a Cloud Contact Center Can Save Millions

With the pandemic receding, inflation on the rise, and a possible recession looming, now more than ever it is critical to look for ways to optimize spend and ensure a high ROI.  One way to do this for the contact center is by moving to the cloud and investing in AI and automation.  

To help companies as they navigate this journey, Five9 commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) Study and examine the potential ROI enterprises could experience by deploying Five9’s enterprise-ready cloud platform. 


Solving Communication Complexity with Five9 and Zoom

Boost productivity and efficiency by empowering agents with the resources they need to succeed. With Five9 and Zoom, leverage an ecosystem combining your contact center and unified communications.
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Improve Patient Loyalty via Your Contact Center

While delivering high-quality care remains the top priority for healthcare providers, 68% of patients are want better communications throughout their journey. Find out what patients want —and how to provide it.
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Five9 DataSheet Razor img

Five9 Razor Automated Testing

As evolving customer needs force your contact center to move faster, there’s a new way to keep pace. Learn how Five9 Razor can help you boost productivity while enhancing service consistency.
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Agent Supervisor

Agent and Supervisor Demo Product Tour

  • Experience the simplicity of building interactive virtual agents, during this interactive tour of Five9 Studio.
  • Create self-service tasks, customer-facing bots, and engaging, AI-powered natural language voice experiences all from this easy-to-use application.
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Studio Demo

Studio Demo Product Tour

  • Experience the simplicity of building interactive virtual agents, during this interactive tour of Five9 Studio.
  • Create self-service tasks, customer-facing bots, and engaging, AI-powered natural language voice experiences all from this easy-to-use application.
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Product Tour

Agent Assist Demo Product Tour

  • Reduce training and handle times by providing real-time coaching and guidance to your agents.
  • Explore how Five9 Agent Assist uses real-time transcription, AI, and analytics streamline your live-agent interactions during and after the call.
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Higher Standards in Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management

Now more than ever, cloud-enabled technology can help healthcare providers retain and attract patients. Find out how much of a difference it can make in the billing cycle.
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Why CX Spending Plans Should Stay Bullish in 2023

Efforts to prioritize CX show no signs of slowing in 2023. Learn why in a webinar featuring Metrigy CEO & Principal Analyst Robin Gareiss and Five EVP of Service Delivery & AI Solutions Andy Dignan.
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Collaborative Intelligence E-book

As customer and employee expectations evolve, contact centers must adapt by providing intelligent customer service technology. Read this e-book to learn how collaborative intelligence develops an AI-powered workforce for today’s customers.
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Identifying Customer Frustration

 Enhancing customer engagement must involve identifying their frustration. In a special report, CCW Digital revealed some of customers’ most common pain points. We created an infographic to show you those findings.
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The Steps Not Taken: What Are You Missing in Your Patient Experience?

The information systems that we use to capture and measure the patient experience are designed to document the quality of the interactions that take place between patients, providers and staff. However, the patient experience is significantly impacted by the impact of inaction and the steps not taken – the phone calls that are not returned and the information not provided.

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Datasheet Five9 for Service Cloud Voice BYOT

Combines the power of Five9 telephony seamlessly within the Salesforce Omni-channel widget to provide a single, intuitive user interface to capture every customer interaction.
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Ask the Experts: Take the Sting Out of Environment Testing with Five9 Razor

We all know the CX technology eco-system is vast. So how do you ensure all the parts are working well together to deliver the best customer experience. Join us to learn how you can identify broken IVR segments and dead-end call flows, create test scripts, and diagnose issues across your CX landscape via the new user-friendly testing solution: Five9 Razor. 

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Whitepaper Five9 Is Ready for your Genesys PureConnect Contact Center

Genesys Engage and PureConnect users are in good hands with Five9. We have many former Genesys technical staff who bring the experience necessary for Five9 to offer its Liftoff program to smooth that transition.

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Digital Channels

Ask the Experts: How to Expand into Digital Channels

At the rate of 26% YoY, customer communication preferences are shifting toward digital channels and, while voice is the channel of choice for many, according to the Five9 Customer Service Index, you can’t afford to wait any longer.  

If you are struggling to build an omnichannel strategy, this webinar is for you.  

Join this 30-minute conversation with Opus Research Senior Analyst Scott Baker and Five9 Director of Technical Marketing Erin Wilson as they outline the crucial tools you need to effectively connect with your customers across all channels.  

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Reimagine CX

2022 Five9 Reimagine CX Awards Ceremony

Nothing reveals the true effectiveness of a solution like customer success stories. See how the Five9 Reimagine CX Award winners leveraged the Five9 Intelligent Cloud Contact Center platform to elevate customer experience beyond expectations.
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What’s Changing in Contact Centers — and What’s Not

Uncover internationally sourced data to guide smart decision making. Five9 partnered with Zogby Analytics to survey call center trends across businesses and industries. Harness strategic data to elevate customer experience and adapt your business.
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WFO Demo

Demo Webinar: Gain More Customer Insights with Interaction Analytics 

Customers provide valuable information every day, you just might not know it. Competitive intelligence, messaging feedback, campaign performance, and product feedback data are often hidden among your contact center interactions. If you can’t identify, access, and share this data, your organization misses an opportunity to better learn from and serve your customers and agents. 

According to Gartner 72% of CX leaders report that their organizations still do not fully understand what drives their customers’ behaviors and attitudes, despite their access to data. 

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Customer Success: From You Flowers Personalizes Service

From You Flowers prioritizes personalization to ensure each customer has the experience that's right for them. With a same-day delivery promise, From You Flowers needs to offer quick customer support on any channel — chat, email, or phone.
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Five9 CX Summit 2022 Keynote with Wyndham

Watch Wyndham Hotels & Resorts CIO Scott Strickland and Five9 CMO Genefa Murphy to learn how Wyndham saved $18M while moving to cloud, and integrating guest registration across 22 brands in 95 countries.
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Is AI Really Necessary?

The public accepts AI – evidenced by the adoption of Siri, Amazon Alexa, and Google Home. Which begs the question: Why isn't AI more prevalent inside the contact center? 

Join this webinar to hear Five9 EVP of Product Callan Schebella and Five9 Director of Technical Marketing Erin Wilson discuss how far AI technology has progressed and learn what is in store for the future of AI. 

Don’t miss the engaging discussion on topics such as:  

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Solution Brief_ No Surprises Act for Healthcare

No Surprises Act’s Impact on Healthcare Contact Centers

The No Surprises Act improves protection for patients, but it can overwhelm healthcare contact centers. Find out how you can keep up and provide the best patient experience.
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Forrester Total Economic Impact™ Study 2022: Infographic

With contact center volume and complexity on the rise, you can still find a way to succeed. View this infographic for insights on a commissioned Forrester study showing how Five9 helps companies save millions and deliver successful outcomes.
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Five9 IVA for Government

People count on government agencies for critical information and services to manage their health, safety, and livelihood. Five9 Intelligent Virtual Agent delivers AI-powered self-service for more convenient and cost-effective public support.
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Hospitality Brands Improve Experiences with Agilysys 

A global technology provider for world-class hospitality brands, Agilysys modernized its contact center and improved efficiencies. The Five9 platform empowers Agilysys customers to deliver exceptional guest experiences. 
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New Communication Priorities for Healthcare

Healthcare organizations are increasingly relying on cloud-enabled technology and artificial intelligence to support their consumers. Frost & Sullivan surveyed healthcare decision makers to learn how they’ve updated their communications strategies.
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Five9 Customer Service Index 2022: Business Decision Makers Report

What was acceptable customer service even two years ago is no longer enough. In its sixth year, the Five9 Customer Service Index provides data and insights to help you better meet changing expectations.
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Forrester Total Economic Impact™ Study 2022 for Five9

Despite rising interaction volume and complexity, you can find a better path forward for your contact center. Read the commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting to learn how Five9 helps companies save millions and deliver successful outcomes.
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Five9 Geographic Redundancy

Ensure business continuity by mitigating the impact of major service disruptions caused by natural disasters, network issues, power outages, fire, and other unforeseen events that would result in extended downtime.
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BISSELL Digitally

Case Study BISSELL

Michigan-based BISSELL Homecare, Inc. has developed innovative floor care solutions for over 140 years. The company supplies households across the globe with vacuums, sweepers, carpet-cleaning machines, hard floor cleaners, and cleaning formulas. BISSELL has 2,500 employees worldwide, with 150 full-time agents across four outsourced contact centers in four countries using the Five9 platform.
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CCW Special Report: Enhancing Customer Engagement

To engage today’s customers, you need to personalize interactions, streamline the customer journey, and simplify the agent experience. Learn how these priorities can help you deliver intuitive and unique customer experiences.

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Q2 thumbnail

Infographic Five9 Reports Financial Results for Q2 2022

Five9 reported strong second quarter results, with revenue growth of 32% YoY.

View this infographic for insights on the three main drivers for our business, specifically the strength of our platform, our continued focus up-market, and the acceleration of our international presence.

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Atento Sets New Standard with Bitcoin

One of the world’s top five largest business process outsourcing companies, Atento delivers services — including customer care — to major businesses worldwide. Atento worked with Five9 to move to the cloud.
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Major Retailer Hits 90%+ QM and CSAT

A major, longstanding e-commerce and catalog retailer grappled with the limitations of an on-premises contact center platform.
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Five9 Admin Console Data Sheet

Turning the chore of contact center management into a delightful, interactive experience.
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Pobl thumbnial

Pobl – On the Path to a Digital Future

Having grown through acquisition, Pobl had teams working on unconnected legacy telephone and customer contact systems. They were unreliable and no longer meeting the needs of the business.
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Obsessing Over Great Customer Experiences

An adequate customer service experience is not enough to stand out. Learn three steps for creating personalized experiences that attract and retain customers.
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