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Paul Cowman

Why Advertisers Need a Scalable Multichannel Call Center Experience Platform

How do we meet the customer where they are… all the time? The answer is simple: you need a scalable and reliable multichannel contact center.

Can Ads Hear Me Now?

If you are like me, it feels like every time you open your social media network you are shown an ad or news article for the topic, brand or product you just spoke about. It is kind of odd when this occurs as it feels that the social media platforms are “listening” to your conversations.

Democratization of Customer Service

Over the last two months, we have all experienced a sea change in the way we work and how we communicate with those around us. We are living in a world where we feel comfortable standing six feet apart and where Zoom is no longer a board room brand but is now a generic household name that our parents and kids are using.

Don’t Let Your Customers Wait On Hold

My experience with customer support, a family death, and realizing the CX industry has a long way to go.

More Choice, More Flexibility and More Freedom with Five9 Network

I had the opportunity to speak with Matt Parker, Enterprise Sales Director and Mike Giffin, Solutions Architect at Five9, about a little topic called, ‘Network Connectivity’ – and what it means for the contact center. As a marketer, this isn’t a topic I hear a lot about so when I came up I naturally became interested.

Making a First Contact New Year’s Resolution

If the term or metric in and by itself isn’t a good enough reason to kick off the New Year with a blog on “First Contact Resolution,” check out a few core stats to see how important this metric is within the contact center.


Moving to the cloud isn’t a question of if but when. When your #MovingDay comes, trust Five9.

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