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Sarah Rolfing

How the Cloud Has Changed Mother's Day

Heart_cloud Yesterday was Mother's Day and as expected many of us were making a mad dash to chocolatiers, scheduling brunch reservations, and of course, visiting flower shops. Similar to the holiday season, lines at retail stores were longer, parking lots were packed, employees seemed frazzled, customers were frustrated, and supply was quickly dwindling.

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Top 5 Qualities to Look for When Hiring an Effective Super-Agent [CHECKLIST]

With the growing demand for multichannel customer service, more and more contact centers are recognizing the benefits of hiring and training agents to handle multiple service channels simultaneously (i.e. phone, email, chat, and social). These types of agents are being referred to as super-agents. Today, contact centers are striving to meet the demands of connected consumers, who want near-immediate results on their channel of choice. Here is a checklist of skills to look for when on the hunt for an effective super-agent:

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