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4 Reasons Why Workplace Culture Matters

Workplace culture matters. We seem to hear that more and more, but why does it matter? Today we’re sharing a few reasons why, here at Five9, we feel company culture is one of the best investments you can make.

Bringing Home the Human Experience

At Five9, a diverse and inclusive culture helps us achieve our mission of revolutionizing the contact center and bringing home the human experience.

Five9 Culture

I feel inspired when I see our values carried out each day by our employees in their actions, how they speak, and in what they accomplish.

Five9 Culture: It’s In Our DNA

According to Glassdoor, 85% of those surveyed would recommend Five9 to a friend. So, what is it that makes this company culture so great? There is no one better to hear from than our Five9 employees.

Five9 Named One of the Highest Public Cloud Companies To Work For

Battery Ventures published its Highest Rated Public Cloud Companies To Work For, which highlights B2B cloud companies with stellar records of employee satisfaction, as measured by Glassdoor feedback.

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