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4 CX Trends to Watch out for in 2022

It's critical for your business to understand the latest trends in the current customer experience landscape to kickstart the new year and exceed your contact center goals in 2022.
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Five9 Expands Global Network Connections with the Equinix Fabric Partnership

Five9 is excited to announce our latest addition to the list of supported IPConnect options – our partnership with the Equinix Fabric.
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Cloud Security Benefits and the Public Sector

John Davis from the Five9 Partners Team in EMEA checks out how UK Public Sector organizations benefit from the security benefits of cloud based applications in his latest blog. Read on.
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How Zendesk Sell and Five9 Fuel Frictionless Sales Cycles

Five9 is excited to announce our latest enhancement to the Five9 and Zendesk partnership: the Five9 and Zendesk Sell integration.
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Has the COVID pandemic sped-up Government and Public Sector adoption of Cloud Technologies?

Thomas John from Five9 looks at how the Government and Public Sector in the United Kingdom have increased their usage of Cloud Technology brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Contact Center Horror Stories

If you’ve ever worked in a contact center, you know that challenging customer behavior isn’t seasonal. But since October is a month of spooky and frightful things, we thought you might enjoy a few horror stories from the contact center realm.
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Five9 Continues to Expand Unified Communications efforts becoming a Certified Microsoft Teams Solutions for Contact Centers

The world of Unified Communications continues to be in high demand with employees working from anywhere and businesses adapting to this new style of work. Five9 has seen a surge in need for Microsoft Teams to integrate with the Five9 Intelligent Cloud Contact Center, and we have worked extremely hard to ensure we meet that demand for our customers.
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Five9 Knows Compliance: How the Cloud Helps you Shore-Up Practices and Secure Customer Data

If only life came with one of those Monopoly “get out of jail” free cards. Then we wouldn’t have to worry so much about things like compliance. But on the flip side, these compliance guidelines keep us safe. Let’s explore how today’s leading companies – large and small – leverage the Five9 Intelligent Cloud Contact Center to reduce stress, eliminate fines, and remain compliant.
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4 Ways to Make Every Agent a Super-Agent with Five9 CRM Integrations

How can you help your agents become “super-agents”? There are lots of ways we can assist your agents so they can be their best. From implementing helpful applications to good old-fashioned coaching. However, a great place to start is connecting your agents with the treasure trove of customer information in your CRM.
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Five9 Knows Business Process Outsourcers

As a BPO, you must remain flexible enough to satisfy every client’s whim, while keeping costs in check and service levels satisfactory. Your success comes from managing to consistency in the business, all while providing a brand-match for your clients.
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