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[PODCAST] Stabilize. Enhance. Transform. w/ Martin Cross

Is AI a buzzword? To a large extent, it is. But the trick lies in finding practical ways to implement AI and machine learning. Here are a few:
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What Does Workforce Optimization Mean?

We make optimization decisions every day without realizing it. Do I buy the lower cost store brand or the higher cost name brand? Given my shopping list, what’s the quickest route through the store to get everything on it?
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Engaging Your Customers’ Digital Culture as a Strategy for Growth

As your customer base grows or when they adopt new messaging trends, you want to be on an agile and open cloud contact center platform that can add these channels as simply as your customers can download an app on their mobile device. Learn more:
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[PODCAST] AI + Cloud Migration w/ Thomas John

What do you see when you think about AI at work? Do you imagine rows of iRobots taking customer calls? Do you see deep cuts in the human workforce?
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[WEBINAR] What to Expect In our Annual Fireside Chat Webinar with Rowan Trollope and Sheila McGee-Smith

On Dec. 8th at 11 AM PST, we will host our annual live fireside chat with Rowan Trollope and Sheila McGee-Smith. Our industry experts will look ahead to 2021 and reveal 5 major contact center predictions that will help your enterprise thrive in the new year.
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When it Comes to Artificial Intelligence, Practical is Powerful

Practical AI’ means - no hype. No buzz words. No jargon. No false promises. Just tangible, accurate business results for companies of any size or scale.
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[PODCAST] A Conversation with the Communications Protagonist w/ Dave Michels

In some ways, COVID has proved to be a giant social experiment and we're finding out that we can do better than we thought. What's going to happen next with contact centers?
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[WEBINAR] Leveraging AI to Improve Customer Care and Contact Center Efficiencies

The benefits of AI in the contact center are endless. Not only does it reduce contact center costs and greatly improve efficiencies, but it can enable your agents to not to lose sight of what’s really important in the contact center: customer care.
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[PODCAST] Breaking Down the Silos w/ Mike Bourke

During the pandemic, 75% of people have changed their preferred brands. With that kind of turnover, companies of all sizes absolutely must automate their processes to better track customer engagement.
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[PODCAST] Answering the Call to Amplify Your Voice w/ Jeff Woodland

Remember snatching the phone off the wall in the kitchen when you were a kid? What was so exciting about getting a call?
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