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Crossing the CX Boundary

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to be one of the team members who represented Five9 together with one of our partners in country, Nuveto, for the first time in a big industry event in Spain. The event was held in Madrid at the Kinépolis cinema, where we had the pleasure of positioning our brand, celebrating the 25th anniversary of EXPO Customer Relationship, IFAES.

Monitor and Manage the Metrics that Matter to Your Success

Contact centers have a wealth of information on operational execution and customer behaviors. That huge amount of data is both a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing that powerful insights can be distilled out of the data. It’s a curse that there’s so much data it’s like finding the proverbial needle in the haystack.

Five9 IVA Development Becomes More Powerful and More Collaborative

IVA’s help contact center agents become more productive and improve both employee and agent experience, resulting in a happier customer experience.

Factors Influencing Strong CX Spending in 2023

When we’re looking to define and validate our strategies, we turn to industry analysts to provide us with a holistic picture of what they see in the market. In her look forward into 2023, Robin Gareiss, CEO and Principal Analyst at Metrigy, evaluates the factors influencing future spending in the contact center. Despite the challenging economy, Gareiss finds customer experience is still a priority.

How AI can Help Deliver Personalized and Fluid Customer Experiences

The ways customers engage continue to evolve. There is a huge shift toward self-driven, conversational, and personalized experiences across every channel.

How to Clean Your CX Data When Moving to the Cloud

Five9 CMO Genefa is joined by two Contact Center experts to discuss proper migration moving on-premises Contact Centers to the cloud.

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