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Gain new perspectives on AI, Five9, CX, and cloud technology here on our blog. With new contact center and call center blogs, we continually offer industry guides and tools for customer experience to provide new insights to your customer service team.

Diondria Brown

Five9 Senior Partner Program Manager Earns Cloud Girls Rising Award for Leadership

The Cloud Girls Rising Awards honored Diondria Brown as a Rising Star for her innovative contributions to cloud tech and leadership in the industry.

A Closer Look at What’s New with Five9 and Zendesk Integration

Five9 releases new Zendesk integration enhancements designed to empower agents to deliver quick and efficient service your customers truly deserve.

Five9 Certifies ServiceNow Washington DC Release Integration

Providing exceptional customer service is no longer a luxury but a standard for organizations to be successful. Companies are grasping for solutions that solve their business needs not only today, but also well into the future. The partnership between Five9 and ServiceNow — two industry-leading platforms integrated — elevates customer service operations. 

10 KPIs

10 métricas y KPI de Contact Center para medir en Sanidad

Los contact centers son importantes para mejorar la experiencia del cliente. Medir las métricas y los indicadores clave de rendimiento (KPI) de los contact centers es crucial para evaluar el rendimiento y garantizar la alineación con los objetivos empresariales. En sanidad, esto se traduce en atender a los pacientes de forma más eficiente y ofrecer una atención de mayor calidad. 

Es crucial por varias razones:

IPO Anniversary

Five9’s 10-year IPO Anniversary: A Journey of Growth and Innovation

Today marks a major milestone as we celebrate Five9’s 10-year anniversary as a publicly-traded company.
Customer Journey

9 Best Real-life Customer Journey Map Examples

Explore 9 real-life customer journey map examples and learn effective implementation strategies for enhanced contact center performance.
GenAI Studio

Next-Gen AI Summaries: Customization with Five9 GenAI Studio

GenAI Studio allows you to easily optimize the output of your call summaries based on your business needs. Craft and assess free-form prompts effortlessly and seamlessly integrate them into AI summaries for enhanced customization.

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