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Your Privacy Choices

As described in our Privacy Policy, we disclose your personal information to our analytics providers and marketing and advertising partners in ways that may constitute “sales” or “sharing” under U.S. state privacy laws. Depending on your state residency, you may have the right to opt out of “sales,” “sharing,” or “targeted advertising.”

To opt out of the disclosure of personal information collected and disclosed via the cookies and other similar technologies present on the Site, you can visit Cookie Preferences and toggle the “Functional Cookies” (for sales) and “Advertising Cookies” (for sharing/targeted advertising) off. Please note that if you delete or reset your current browser’s cookies, change browsers, or use a different device, you will have to adjust your cookie preferences again.

If you wish to submit an opt-out request related to offline “selling,” “sharing,” or “targeted advertising,” please complete and submit the form below.