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Contact Center Resources: Get to Know the Five9 Cloud

The Five9 Intelligent CX Platform provides greater flexibility at a fraction of the cost of on-premise systems. Find out how Five9 can bring joy to your CX.

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Kyndryl Case Study ES

Kyndryl migra más de 200 clientes y a 90 000 empleados a Five9

Tras meses de planificación y preparación con Five9 y el equipo de Kyndryl Digital Workplace Global Practice, se establecieron las bases para migrar a casi 90 000 empleados y más de 200 centros de contacto con clientes en un plazo de dos meses sin ningún problema.
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BISSELL Digitally

BISSELL Digitally Transforms Its Contact Centers

Michigan-based BISSELL Homecare, Inc. has developed innovative floor care solutions for over 140 years. The company supplies households across the globe with vacuums, sweepers, carpet-cleaning machines, hard floor cleaners, and cleaning formulas. BISSELL has 2,500 employees worldwide, with 150 full-time agents across four outsourced contact centers in four countries using the Five9 platform.
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