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Workflow Automation

Intelligent Automation to Optimize Your Contact Center

Create exceptional customer experiences by connecting your contact center with other business systems. Workflow Automation enables you to act on customer data in real time and trigger cross-platform workflows, automating CX while reducing workload and cost.

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Low-code, Time-saving Contact Center Workflows

Many contact centers exist in silos and use data inefficiently due to integration limitations, negatively impacting CX. Five9 Workflow Automation provides a visually intuitive, low/no-code platform to easily connect your customer data across the cloud, from CRM to billing.

Crucial customer events and data flow between systems in real time to drive intelligent workflows. Move quickly from intelligence to action without building or maintaining custom IT integrations.

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Improve Work for Every Role


Sales Leader

Supercharge your sales motion. Provide your agents and campaigns with key customer data and buying signals. Streamline lead management, increase close and call-answer rates, and reduce call follow-up time


Support Manager

Drive successful resolutions by connecting data along the customer journey. Empower agents to focus on customer needs. Automate CX touchpoints to reduce churn, maximize retention, and exceed service levels.


Contact Center Admin

Implement integrations faster with less effort and fewer resources. Quickly identify and resolve issues impacting SLAs with automated alerts. Boost agent productivity by eliminating repetitive tasks and streamlining after-contact work.

Connect Disparate Systems with Ease and Speed 

A library of 50+ pre-built connections to popular business applications helps you integrate systems faster, accelerating time to value. Aggregate data in real time, seamlessly combine it with Five9 data, and coordinate CX functionality. Unlock previously siloed information and accelerate decision making. Easily add new connections at scale.


Act Intelligently with Automated Workflows 

Create intelligent, automated workflows to react in a coordinated manner across Five9 and other business systems to deliver consistent outcomes. Do more with less by building multi-event triggers using business rules across multiple applications. Eliminate manual processes and monotonous, repetitive work for your teams and make them more efficient. 

Leverage Automation for Your Unique Needs

  • Agent Skill Assignment

    Move agents between skills to assist with overflow traffic on phone and digital channels based on service-level agreements. Automatically send agents a notification when they no longer need to provide additional coverage.

  • Omnichannel Orchestration

    Actively reach out to customers with proactive notifications and digital outreach. Create a holistic customer experience by automating contextual SMS, email, and other channels.

  • Task Automation

    Improve agent productivity by reducing time-consuming manual processes. Automate system interactions that prevent agents from focusing on customer needs.

  • SLA Compliance

    Prevent SLAs violations. Set up inbound communication with mandatory-response SLAs to receive notifications during off-hours via call, email, and SMS with forwarding to on-call resources.

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65% der Befragten in Unternehmen mit mehr als 1.000 Mitarbeitern bewerteten die Optimierung von Betriebsabläufen als sehr wichtig.

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Five9 Workflow Automation allows Nutrisystem to automatically prioritize and intelligently route leads to preferred agents, helping maximize potential revenue.

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Bill MacBride,

SVP, Nutrisystem

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Five9 Workflow Automatisierung

Aggregate information, provide comprehensive views of data and performance, and automate sophisticated, cross-platform workflows and reactions.


Reimagine CX with Workflow Automation

Die Automatisierung verändert die Art und Weise, wie Kontaktzentren mit Kunden in Kontakt treten, und ebnet Unternehmen den Weg für eine neue Art des Kundenerlebnisses.


Five9 Digital Outreach

When calls fail, automate follow-up through email, SMS, or social media to let your contacts know you missed them.


Five9 Proactive Notification

Automate omnichannel outbound communication to help create exceptional customer experiences.


Five9 Workflow Automatisierung

Connect your Five9 Intelligent Cloud Contact Center with other business systems to drive exceptional customer experiences.

Wir helfen Ihnen, die richtige Strategie und die richtigen Produkte für Ihr sich entwickelndes Unternehmen zu finden.

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Abstract visual of customer experience journey with arrows

Nutzen Sie Echtzeitdaten, die von Ihren Kunden erfasst wurden, um aussagekräftige Erkenntnisse für Ihre Agenten und Ihr Unternehmen zu gewinnen.

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Customer Experience

Nehmen Sie Kontakt zu Ihren Kunden auf und lösen Sie ihre Probleme gleich auf Anhieb.

Customer Experience

Customer service woman wearing a headset laughing while on a customer support call

Empowerment von Agenten

Stärken Sie Ihre Mitarbeiter, sodass diese Ihren Kunden ein menschlicheres Erlebnis bieten können.

Empowerment von Agenten

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Führen Sie Ihre Agenten mit Einfühlungsvermögen und erzielen Sie gleichzeitig einen positiven Effekt für das Unternehmen.

Geschäftliche Flexibilität