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Libro de éxito del cliente, 2023

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Kyndryl migra más de 200 clientes y 90 000 empleados a Five9


Central Bank reduce el volumen de llamadas a la mitad


OceanFirst Bank implementa IA para inteligencia colaborativa


BISSELL transforma digitalmente sus centros de contacto


SumUp consigue un 50 % de contención de llamadas con Five9


Nutrisystem se traslada a la nube y reduce los costes de tecnología


NexRep y Five9: una relación de 16 años basada en la confianza


Teladoc Health aprovecha Agent Assist para mejorar la eficiencia y la calidad de las llamadas


Vibrant Credit Union personaliza la experiencia de los socios


Atento establece un nuevo estándar con Bitcoin


El socio de atención médica hace crecer su negocio con la actualización de la experiencia del cliente

Customer Success Book

Customer Success Book 2023

We want to provide first contact resolution. We’ll make sure we can handle any questions, any sales calls, anything, at the moment they call in, or the channel they message us in.

At Five9 everything we do begins and ends with our customers. We are passionate about enabling our customers to provide exceptional customer experiences, and we are determined to help them succeed. The customer stories and quotes in this eBook highlight the challenges our customers have faced and share how Five9 helped them achieve their business objectives—creating valuable partnerships and delivering extraordinary experiences to their customers along the way.

Alaska Airlines is Committed to Providing an Amazing Guest Experience

We use the term 'guest experience' when we describe GX versus CX and to us that means that when you fly on Alaska Airlines, you feel cared for and want to come back and fly with us again, and again.

The mission of Alaska Airlines is to create an airline people love, and to do that, they have a Guest Experience (GX) promise — the promise that they make to every guest that flies Alaska. One of the largest airlines in the United States, Alaska Airlines cares about each guest and is with them at every stage of their journey. See how Alaska Airlines is committed to providing an amazing guest and employee experience.


5 Ways BPOs Can Revolutionize Their Contact Center

I think the key to the success of our partnership is that when Five9 makes a promise, they keep that promise. Whether it’s calm seas or the middle of a storm, Five9 delivers.

BPO organizations facing challenges such as decreasing productivity and agent attrition are signs that they must transform their contact center. See how these BPO companies used Five9 to boost their business.

File Dynamics Case Study

File Dynamics Personalises Its CX with Onecom and Five9

The experience with Onecom, and, of course, the Five9 team has been excellent. From the initial engagement, I suspected we were culturally aligned, and that’s proven true.

Two File Dynamics clients with separate needs asked for a joint contact centre solution. See how Onecom and Five9 delivered while personalising the customer experience.


Healthcare Technology Provider Delivers Personalized Member Services

The benefit is the ability for anybody who has access to the URL to be able to see what's going on in their contact center — a real-time snapshot.

Healthcare Technology provider whose technology connects hundreds of health vendors, benefits resources, and plan designs into one comprehensive health and wellbeing experience. Using Five9 and Salesforce integration to power next-generation of care.


Professional Services Company Visualizes Performance in Real Time

The benefit is the ability for anybody who has access to the URL to be able to see what's going on in their contact center — a real-time snapshot.

A global professional services organization serving multiple industries and countries took a leap toward modernizing its operations. Since implementing Five9 workflow Automation, the organization has increased productivity and reduced operating costs by eliminating manual monitoring and processes.

adHere Customer Image

How adHere Revived Its Call Center with Five9

Moving to Five9 saved us. Our call center is now more profitable than any of our other channels.

With its call center on the verge of failing, adHere made a final rescue attempt. See how Five9 enabled the advertising agency to experience a massive jump in revenue.

Customer Page thumbnail_Kyndryl

Kyndryl Migrates 200+ Customers and 90K Employees to Five9

Anyone can have great technology, but the culture of partnering for mutual success makes Five9 unlike anyone else we’ve ever worked with.

In November of 2021, Kyndryl was spun off from IBM. Months of planning and preparation with Five9 and the Kyndryl Digital Workplace Global Practice team had laid the groundwork to migrate nearly 90K employees and 200+ customer contact center locations within two months without a single issue.


Central Bank Cuts Call Volume in Half

We want to optimize what we have with Five9 now, because we’re just scratching the surface of the automated AI environment. I look forward to seeing how Five9 can solve our business problems that other technology, up until now, hasn’t been able to.

Central Bank achieved an 80% success rate with NLP by implementing Five9 Intelligent Virtual Agent to promote self-service.


Healthcare Partner Grows Business with CX Upgrade

We’ve pivoted our hiring strategy to hire staff anywhere in the United States – a strategic shift. Five9 played a huge part.

A healthcare partner delivering extensive support services moved from on-premises CX to the cloud and expanded its operations internationally with Five9.


SumUp Sees 50% Call Containment with Five9

We added Five9 IVA and saw the number of customers who opted to speak to a human agent drop by 50%. This is a huge decrease for us and shows us that our IVA is truly serving customers.

For global payment processing provider SumUp, finding a partner offering voice and IVA solutions in diverse languages while automating workflows to increase self-service created a path toward improving customer experience.

From You Flowers Personalizes Service in All Channels

Our CX promise to our customers is to deliver on their most meaningful life events.

From You Flowers offers quick customer support on any channel the customer chooses: chat, email, or phone. It also prioritizes personalization to ensure each customer has the experience that’s right for them.


OceanFirst Bank Deploys AI for Collaborative Intelligence

Agent Assist helped with our onboarding and having the ability to train agents to meet certain skills rather than overwhelming them with a ton of information all at once.

OceanFirst Bank advanced its mission to deliver community-focused customer service while modernizing its contact center by replacing legacy systems and deploying AI to improve agent skill and efficiency.

Omaha Steaks Delivers Exceptional Customer Service

We want to provide first contact resolution. We'll make sure we can handle any questions, any sales calls, anything, at the moment they call in, or the channel they message us in. We really found a partner in Five9.

Dillon Jensen
VP of Operations and Chief Sales Operations Officer

Omaha Steaks International is America's original butcher — they’ve been in business for more than 100 years. They’re one of the world’s most famous purveyors of meat, seafood, and other gourmet food. With 3 million active customers, OSI is committed to providing an amazing customer and employee experience.

AdventHealth Focuses on Moving Patient Care Forward

This is a journey. It compels us to continue investment in ensuring that we are doing everything in our power to provide the best possible care.

AdventHealth uses Five9 as the platform for both its contact center support as well as in its physician practices. With 51 hospitals, 2,800 employed physicians, and 80,000 employees across nine U.S. states, AdventHealth strives to take care of its patients “mind, body, and spirit.” AdventHealth addressed several key issues, including gaining visibility into call volumes for the physician practices across multiple systems.

Customer Success: From You Flowers Personalizes Service

We want all our customers to have the best experience.

Dana Urban
Director of IT, From You Flowers

From You Flowers wants each customer to have the experience that's right for them. With a same-day delivery promise, From You Flowers offers quick customer support on any channel — chat, email, or phone.

Take5 with Five9: Michelle Cirocco, Executive Director of Televerde

Women are getting out and they are going to work for some of the biggest technology companies in the world.

Michelle Cirocco
Executive Director, Televerde

In this edition of Take5, Stephanie Wisdom of Five9 sits down with Michelle Cirocco, Executive Director of the Televerde Foundation, to learn how Televerde empower their engagement center agents.

2022 Five9 Reimagine CX Awards Ceremony

Being able to celebrate our customers is such an honor. We congratulate our 2022 Reimagine CX Award winners and commend them for investing in CX to transform their organizations.

Genefa Murphy
Five9 CMO

Nothing reveals the true effectiveness of a solution like customer success stories. See how the Five9 Reimagine CX Award winners leveraged the Five9 Intelligent Cloud Contact Center platform to elevate customer experience beyond expectations.

Five9 CX Summit 2022 Keynote with Wyndham

Real CX needs collaborative intelligence that blends the best of people and technology. Wyndham Hotels & Resorts brings together innovation, empathy, emotion, and humanity.

Watch this exclusive keynote interview with Wyndham CIO Scott Strickland and Five9 CMO Genefa Murphy to learn how Wyndham saved $18M by moving to the cloud and integrated guest registration across 22 brands in 95 countries.

Watch the keynote interview from Five9 CX Summit to learn more.


ConnectWise Improves Uptime and Streamlines Communications

Uptime was the main reason we left our previous vendor. That’s what Five9 is known for. We also needed a better automatic call distributor, which Five9 provides as well.

Andrew Savage,
Help Desk Project Manager and Technical Services Manager

ConnectWise empowers technology solution providers to succeed with software, services, and integrations. ConnectWise Assist offers white-labeled help desk services with highly skilled technicians responding to approximately 40,000 interactions every month.

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