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Delight Customers with IVR Done Right

Next-generation IVR technology is ready to help your business automatically route incoming calls.

How Cloud IVR & Voice Recognition Software Can Help A Small Business

Delight Customers with IVR Done Right

Next-generation IVR technology is ready and waiting to introduce automation that will help your business route incoming calls more quickly and efficiently.

FAQ: IVR and Voice Recognition Software

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions regarding interactive voice recognition and voice recognition software.

Q: What is IVR?

A: IVR (interactive voice recognition) enables an automated computer system to interact with your customers over the telephone.

Q: What is Voice Recognition Software?

A: Voice recognition software (VRS) lets a computer system interpret and understand verbal communication from human callers.

Q: How does Voice Recognition Software interact with IVR?

A: When an IVR system is integrated with voice recognition software, customers get a better experience and are more efficiently routed to the right agents. It’s more convenient intuitive alternative than simple touch-pad systems, where customers could only indicate how they wanted to proceed by listening for menu categories and then pressing the corresponding key on their phone.

Say Goodbye to the Bad Old Days of Voice Recognition

IVR and speech recognition software has long been the topic of comedy routines, and everybody’s familiar with the typical sitcom scene where a frustrated caller is reduced to shouting “REPRESENTATIVE!” into the mouthpiece while steam shoots from their ears.

You may have even experienced a similar scenario firsthand. But speech recognition software has grown out of its infancy, and next-generation IVR call center phone systems can clearly understand callers to provide an organic, interactive experience that won’t leave your customers hollering at the phone.

With advanced contact center software routines for IVR, phone systems can find out exactly why they’re calling, and quickly route them to the appropriate destination.

IVR Case Studies

The following case studies demonstrate the benefits of implementing Five9's IVR.

Fast Fix 123

Founded in 2012, this provider of online computer services realized it was struggling under the burden of incoming calls from its rapidly expanding customer base. After deciding that it needed a new phone system that could integrate with its proprietary ticketing software and streamline customer service, it settled on Five9’s IVR solution. The new IVR system reduced queue times dramatically, and improved the company’s customer loyalty Net Promoter Score by 25 percent. Read case study.

Turnstyles Ticketing

This ticketing company had worked hard to make a name for itself, and counted the NFL, NBA and multiple entertainment powerhouses among its clients. But as business expanded, its 90 employees could barely keep up with inbound calls from ticket buyers. Replacing its call center software with Five9 IVR boosted its telephony metrics across the board and enabled flexible systems that let it boost the pool of representatives as-needed for large events. The IVR system was able to automatically and intelligently route incoming calls to ticketing agents. This new system facilitated the intake of nearly 270,000 calls in a single day, shattering the company’s previous intake record. Read case study.


This direct response marketing call center took a forward-thinking approach to customer service, employing more than 400 representatives scattered across the country. With projects spanning dozens of different clients and industries, it needed a phone solution that could match the adaptability and professionalism of its employees. Five9’s IVR powered a phone system that could deduce a customer’s profile and needs with unprecedented accuracy, allowing calls to be routed directly to an agent whose experience and skill set perfectly matched the customer. Driven by the new system, the company was soon able to produce 30 percent more revenue per call than its competitors. Read case study.

One Step in a Full Service Solution

Next-generation IVR and voice recognition systems are just one component in building a standout business telephony system. Say goodbye to clunky phone trees and give your business the ability to route incoming calls faster and more accurately with Five9’s suite of best-in-class technology solutions.

Contact us today for answers to all your questions about Five9’s IVR and voice recognition software, or to request a business fit consultation and pricing quote.

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