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How Cloud Based Call And Contact Center Software Platforms Improve Productivity

Call center platforms are becoming more and more sophisticated, yet becoming simpler to use at the same time. It is common knowledge that in life, every precious moment counts and this is no different for a company’s productivity and profits. Let’s take a look at how call center platforms can improve productivity.

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Having too many applications open at the same time to accomplish different task types is overwhelming and frustrating for your employees. This also affects customer experiences. Having a single cloud based platform that streamlines and automates some of your call center’s needs including dialing and call recording reduces the negative feelings that can happen on both sides.

This is where Five9’s Intelligent Contact Center fills this need, which features the ability to automatically route interactions to the right agent. It also engages your customers using the channel that they prefer, which could SMS, email, and/or live chat.

Communications and CRM Integration

Most customer’s experiences with call centers usually are not good. Building on having 1 call center platform, another pain point can be how well this solution can integrate with existing communications and CRM software.

Five9’s Pre-Built Integrations has your company covered for this. It has telephony solutions with CRM integrations ready for Microsoft Team, Zoom, Salesforce, Oracle, and Zendesk that are seamless to setup. This gives your organization a competitive advantage by being able to maximize existing investments.

Workforce Optimization And Management

From features such as performance management, interaction recording, and analytics, having a single platform that optimizes how your company manages its workforce can really make or break a company in the long-term.

Five9 has the ability to deliver and install the right WFO solution that will make it easy to maintain and upgrade over time. Five9’s Workforce Optimization (WFO) Calculator can also show your company it’s potential savings from a financial standpoint.

With these benefits, your employees will have a higher satisfaction rate that reduces turnover. Additionally, customers will have an even perception of your current products and services that will keep them coming back for more!

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