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What Is Unified Communications As A Service?

Unified Communications As A Service (UCaaS) has drastically increased in popularity in recent years as companies shift their work environments remote. A cloud-based software as a service typically offers features such as:

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A cloud-based software as a service typically offers features such as:

  • Voice
  • Telephony
  • Video Meetings
  • Messaging
  • Presence Status

Companies can utilize a UCaaS solution to meet their business needs including:

  • Eliminate their need to maintain and upkeep
  • A single solution for internal collaboration
  • Improve efficiency with a seamless solution

Cloud-Based Advantage

The key advantages of being cloud-based is the ability to leave it all up to the service provider to maintain the solution. With on-premise solutions, large teams are required to maintain it and often takes weeks, if not months, to make the smallest of changes. And let’s not forget making upgrades which only takes a fraction of the time in the cloud. In the event of a natural disaster or something that is out of the hands of a business, utilizing a cloud-based solution allows just that. The flexibility, reliability, and adaptability of cloud solutions far surpass those of on premises.

Collaboration Efficiency

Unified Communications As A Service steps it up to a whole new level. With a single system to support communication efforts, this improves collaboration within the whole organization. With the ability to utilize messaging, video, and telephony all in one system it directly streamlines communication. Employees can utilize one single solution instead of navigating applications for each method of communication. No more having to juggle multiple windows or applications just to find help within your organization.

Unified Integration

The world of CCaaS and UCaaS is at a crossroads and the need to integrate the two solutions is here. Having fully integrated CCaaS and UCaaS solutions grants the ability to bridge the gap between contact center agents and subject matter experts in real time.

Leading UC solutions include:

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Zoom Phone
  • RingCentral

Whether you have a contact center solution already, utilizing 1 of these solutions can help create a seamless experience not only for your agents but also for the customer experience.

For more information about how the Five9 Intelligent Cloud Contact Center can be a solution for your business, download our eBook titled “The Intersection Of UCaaS and CCaaS for CX”.

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