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Why Your Call Center Needs Customer Care And Service?

Delivering positive customer experiences should be a top priority for any call center. According to RingCentral, a customer care call center is a centralized department designed to handle phone calls from current and potential customers. In today’s day and age, customers have high expectations for companies. Even one poor experience can mean losing their business altogether.


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Let’s look at a few reasons why customer care and service is important for any call center:

Customer Retention

Within the last year, data shows that customers are, as stated above, less likely to continue business with a company if they previously had a poor customer service experience. Accordingly, to the Five9 Customer Service Index 2021, 72% of customers surveyed reported they are somewhat or very unlikely to continue doing business with a company after a poor customer service experience. The idea that great customer care and service leads to increased brand loyalty is not a new concept, making it crucial that companies focus on delivering the highest quality of customer care and service.

Employee Retention

Great customer service and high employee retention go together. Another point of frustration for customers is when they are transferred multiple times to different agents. This could happen for a couple reasons. One reason could be that the right solutions are not in place, specifically a lack of a workforce management solution to ensure agents with the right skillset are working at the right times for this scenario.

Great customer experiences will also come naturally when employees are treated fairly in addition to implementing the right solutions that allows scheduling the right agents with qualified skillsets during high volume hours. Additionally, this provides agents with tools that make their work more automated to reduce their stress, and therefore, increases their likelihood to stay with the company. When treated fairly and equipped with the right training and technology to ensure their success, they can deliver better service.

More Profit Margins

According to GrooveHQ, 84% of organizations working to improve customer service report an increase in revenue. Additionally, Oracle states 74% of consumers say they have spent more with a company because of a history of positive customer service experiences. You might not think call centers can be a profit generating organization. However, great customer service experiences can translate into an increase in your organization’s profit margins.

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