3 Reasons Why You Need Computer Telephony Integration

Call and contact centers are the new front door to businesses. The ability to provide exceptional service is needed to attract new customers and also keep existing customers happy. As they call in, agents must have an understanding of who the customer is to provide a more personalized experience.

After your customer initiates a phone call, Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) provides agents a specific screen displaying customer data, purchase history, and information from previous interactions – all delivered before the arrival of the interaction to the agent desktop or a customer relationship management (CRM) environment.

Now that you understand what CTI is, let’s look at 3 reasons why it is vital:

  1. Improves Customer Service Experience
  2. Issue: Calling into the call or contact center tends to be associated with a negative stigma. First, going through an interactive voice response (IVR), listening to the prompts. Then, dialing a certain number or speaking to the machine regarding your issue. This is something many of us experience and often takes multiple minutes just to get to a live agent. Once you finally get to an agent, you often must repeat your personal information as if the company does not know who you are. Not a great experience.
    Solution: With CTI, an automated screen pop is displayed identifying who the customer is based on your phone number along with additional detailed information such as address, email, company, etc.). Now the agent can make the interaction more personal as the agent desktop or CRM system provides additional information on the customer.
  3. Enables Personalized Interactions
  4. Issue: Navigating through the agent desktop or CRM system can be difficult for agents to multitask when speaking with a customer on the phone causing them to be very distracted and unproductive. This would then affect average handle times to go longer than needed.
    Solution: With CTI, this allows the agent to get right to the root cause of the call and less time figuring out who the customer is, which directly reduces average handle times (AHT). The faster the agents have the right information, the quicker customers’ issues are resolved allowing agents to provide more support during calls.
  5. Streamlines Average Handle Times
  6. Issue: Customers’ expectations continue to rise. Companies must continue to look at ways to improve the customer service experience as more personalized experiences are expected.
    Solution: With an automated screen displaying to your agents, customers are greeted with more personalized experience. Knowing exactly who the customer is and why they are calling helps agents understand and provide the empathy needed to improve the customer experience.

With CTI as an efficient source of truth and system for your company to use, both your customers and agents have a more positive experience that is more streamlined by providing your agent with a complete customer history before even interacting with your customer.