Webinar: 5 Ways to Create a Modern Student-Driven Enrollment Journey in Higher Education

How to streamline student enrollment and allow staff to focus on what matters most.

Communication has been transformed by mobile devices and social media. It's happened with friends and family, at work, with businesses, and in higher education. Students today are more engaged, mobile, and sensitive to the price they pay and the value they get from higher education.

This has created a challenge for higher education admissions and IT decision makers who are tasked with maximizing revenue and minimizing spending. The benefits of meeting student expectations with a personalized recruitment experience have never been higher, but understanding and communicating those benefits isn’t easy to do.

Join Five9 and Fathom as they examine new ways to use technology to support students at critical times of need and create a branded recruitment and enrollment experience across channels and throughout the student journey.  

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why some traditional methods of enrollment are becoming less effective

  • Ways to read the signals of prospective students to better react to their needs and adjust their journey

  • How to find students that fit your institutions education strengths and matching contact strategies

  • How progressive institutions are adjusting strategies to meet student expectations

  • Ways to use technology and marketing more effectively to address common higher education enrollment challenges

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Darryl Addington

Director of Product Marketing, Five9

Jim Kohl

VP of Marketing, Fathom


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